Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Dayitis

First day back at work after almost a month off and I'm over it already, and that's ovah..O..V..A..H!
It's barely past lunchtime and I want to go home. I was fully into the groove of holiday mode and I haven't finished my current book. Plus the renovations here aren't finished yet so the floor has no air conditioning. Maybe that's an OSH issue, and we all should be sent home for intolerable working conditions.
The trip to Melbourne was pure bliss, though I did discover there is such a thing as too much shopping, and the child wants to move there now. I do confess to having a wee look at job vacancies there, plus doing the number crunching via Mr Farrars blog shows I would be vastly better off financially. Funny how when one was 25 it was easy to pack up everything and move countries, and now suddenly when one is slightly more than that age it all seems a tad too hard.
I would post some holiday snaps, but as the camera belongs to the child pictures of Mummy don't feature very much. Interestingly as well, is that when she is showing people the pictures of her on the upside down going rides at Luna Park she zooms in to herself clutching the handrail, but fails to point out our kind host who was sitting next to her. Oh, that's right, he wasn't her therefore he doesn't exist.
It was her birthday yesterday and again the friend that owns Singstar came around with said software and equipment, again reinforcing in my mind that the inventor of that game will be first against the wall......
It's now rolling round to Rugby 7's time again, oh la de dah, didn't we do this last year.


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