Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bye Bye Leg Wax?

Don't know if any of you caught this story on John-boys show last night but I'm gutted.

The spa owner in question has a habit of doing silly things to her computer till it says NO, I'm not going to play anymore, then comes and gets me to fix it and make it happy again. For doing these little helpful tasks I get free waxes, eyebrow tints and massages from her geisha girls. You know, that's how the green economy works.

I do fully believe she's as guilty as sin, and her latest shipment of geisha's have been just wonderful, so of course they should not be treated a slave labour. But, since this is all about ME, I now fear for the future of my free treatments.

(mutter mutter, yes I know, on a deeply personal political level I should be boycotting her altogether, but, but, but....)


Amanda said...

oh no free treatments are important for a girls mental health!

unPC lesbian said...

All is saved....she has apparently got a lot of publicity from the show.....I'm still her fix it girl. She managed to confuse her eftpos machine this week, thats a new one,so I have had a nice eyebrow tint in payment.

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