Friday, May 9, 2008

Isn't she just Gorgeous!

I thought so too so I just had to bid on it. And even get carried away in the heat of the moment from dodging some other punters auto bid shenanigans and pay more than what I'd planned, but it is such an object of desire that I just have to have. (Roisin Dubh for those who can't instantly identify)
Don't you just hate those smart fukkers who use auto bid, I mean where's the fun in that, missing out on the thrill of hitting place bid, place bid, place bid, and the stress of desperately having to race to a computer because your auction is about to close, how dull.
It's been oh at least 48 hours since the auction closed. Now I know I am an anal pedantic highly organised Virgo, but still I've emailed the seller 3 times and had no response. I am getting worried.
Please trader hurry up and respond, patience is not something I possess much of. It really would be too cruel if this ended up being a tease and you didn't follow through. I would then be obliged to vent my feelings via Trade Me's feedback.
I am currently praying madly to the God of Auction Closure.
Addendum: Once again I have put in a picture and lose all paragraph spacing, humph I don't like it when my layout is not pretty.


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