Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Find me a Brick Wall

I had a large video conference/webcast event about a month ago, I think it was to publicise the record profits made from my personal beer consumption, however over the last week I have been tidiying up the final charges with all parties involved.

Below is a sample of some emails and responses.

From myself:
Hi everyone,
Please see the email below that was sent yesterday. As our server was dropping in and out all day, and I haven't heard from anyone I assume you haven't received it. P could you please confirm if the $1507.10 you quoted in an earlier email is included in the $1963.96 Telecom charges below, or if it is addtional to it.


The response from P was:
Yes it is.

Am I just being too anal?


nzm said...

No - it's just the Virgo in you.

Why do people insist on responding like this to Virgos - don't they realise that it's enough to make us go into meltdown?

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