Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Five go Mad on the Mountain

Well eight really. I have been so looking forward to this coming weekend. The arrogant bastard has loaned us his Taupo property so we can have a weekend of apre skiing, he's so good like that. I do recall though the last big dinner we had at his Napier property, and hope that if there is a wine cellar at Taupo that it has a very sturdy lock on it.

I'm not actually participating in the skiing section of the weekend as I can't really justify spending the child's NCEA fee's on eating snow, but right now there is doubt if I will attend at all as I have a nasty boy germs cold. What is it with the male of species, dying of lurgy yet still stagger into work for morning briefing each day to spread the germs around then leave, fuck me that's what cellphones and webmail are for. So right now when I should be planning menus and all the luscious things I am going to cook for 8 gorgeous women, I am instead in bed having hot feverish dreams of people I don't want to dream of. Nightmares really.

I will be most disappointed if I don't make it as I have 2 years of hot pools to catch up on, I intended returning looking like a prune, and I also don't want to miss out on the company of this group of women as fabulous food, wine, laughter and international gossip is guaranteed. I am turning orange from all the vitamin C I have ingested.


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