Sunday, September 21, 2008

Easy Breezy Butch

Over the last week the American Lesbian blogs have been running with the story that Ellen de Generes has signed as the face of CoverGirl cosmetics.

This of course is all very modern and terribly niche market driven, and one should say "yay the sisterhood" but really it's just confirmation of the whitewash job being done on American society, the sanitation of Lesbian culture. First you have The L Word, which I admit I have never watched a full episode of, but have seen enough to view the perfect specimens of women portrayed, plus you have the Ellen show which dominates the talk show market.

These women are being portrayed as the acceptable face of lesbians, middle America is being lead to believe that this is what lesbians look like and live like, and the lesbians are getting excited and patting themselves on the back and saying their culture is finally being accepted by the masses. I don't think so!

Mainstream America is being lulled into a false image of your average lesbian. Ellen de Generes is being portrayed as butch, yup, that little blond thing below with the pink lippy is BUTCH.


Funnily enough the subject and definition of butch and what it means to women is a regular dinner party topic in my house, though my personal specialist area is androgyny. Discussion can get quite heated at times, especially when one half of a couple realizes she is perceived as "butch", but doesn't see herself as such. Even though the consensus does seem to be that butch covers a wide range of perceptions, I am sure my chums will agree that Ellen de Generes is not butch.

Of course to justify that sweeping statement I do feel obliged to provide a specimen of true butch, and isn't she just divinely gorgeous.

I rest my case.


Zed said...

UM, yeah, *drooling all over my keyboard* that is a fine example of butch.
And, I really hate how Ellen is wearing so much make-up you can't see all the laugh lines and wrinkles.. she is NOT a pyt anymore.
Really, she should act her age and not try to keep covering it up. Be an example to her own age group! said...

oh my. The second picture....

Oh my.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes Tina, Oh My......wouldn't it be nice to run into her sometime????

Anonymous said...

Bottom photo is nice...
She needs more muscle & tattooing to qualify for Butch.
Top photo- fuggedaboudit.

Anonymous said...

Top foto; fuggedabowdit.

Bottom foto's nice, but she needs more muscle & tattooing to qualify as Butch.

Anonymous said...


I likes yer blog!

My fav source 4 Dyke tattoos & art are here;

Some things down here are still good!

Nobodyseesme said...

I think ellen IS a butch, by the way she acts when she is alone with her family. You must understand, she has to keep her look a little more stereotypical when she's out in public.

unPC lesbian said...

sort of agree...but I think most hard core butches would say.."no compromise! Butch and proud" To say she is toning down her butchness to satisfy her public image, and income really is selling out.

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