Friday, December 19, 2008


Once again I'm asking you lot for help. Silly, silly me set the iPod up on my work pc, and have sorted and filed all my tunes on there and loaded it onto the iPod. I did this thinking I would just be able to upload all the tunes from the iPod onto the laptop, however after over an hour of trying and searching manuals and the Apple site I can't seem to find a way to do it.

The only option I can see is to manually transfer all the music files as mp3's from the pc to the laptop, then once again file, tidy, and recreate my playlists to mirror the pc....oh tedium, tedium.....

And too funny. While writing this I had a call from a lovely geek girl, Whaleoil had asked her to call me about our work email issues. Bless, I love the cyber world, however after chatting with her it seems I am going to have to do the tedium method.

Oh bloody bloody lovely sexy iPod, why can't I upload from you?


Anonymous said...

If you're Apple/Mac enabled then Senuti (iTunes backwards) is a little app that'll scan your iPod and sync back any songs you've added somewhere else.

On PC there are likely similar applications. Google may help.

Failing that - enable disk mode (tick the box in iTunes for your iPod) and show hidden folders and drag all your music folder back to your PC/Mac - iTunes should recognise all the stuff you've added on the other machine and show properly on the laptop.

Thats the theory at least.

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