Thursday, January 29, 2009


God is BAD for inventing beer, makes people do silly things.

Example below, though would be nice if someone could fix the smudgy bits for me. I have also just realised that the image is over 25 years old, she says running swiftly to get a razor blade.

I was soooo able to do the androgyny thing then, yet did girly as well. However, I was living on a remote fjord in a fishing village in Iceland, cutting fish 6 days a week, and cooped up in 3 houses with 11 other women and a couple of natives. They just didn't get me at all.

T'is the next day now and in the sober light of day I must say, look at those eyebrows!! Madonna's got a lot to answer for.


Anonymous said...

Quite a big nose.

unPC lesbian said...

What do you expect when a camera is pointing up it?

Are you brave enough "anonymous" to say that to me in person?

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