Thursday, January 28, 2010

Product Anyone?

I have a hair product issue, and everyone knows how obsessive lesbians can be about their hair and hair product.

I had been quite happily using a particular product for many years until 18 months ago when it suddenly became no longer available on the supermarket shelves. I did find a supply at a pharmacy in the city, but it seems they now stock every other product in the range except for my one.

I then found another readily available product that suited my needs, but in the last week the supply of this has dried up as well. This brand has 5 products in their range with different coloured lids to differentiate the contents. I have been to 3 supermarkets and 5 pharmacies, and they all have every fukking colour except the one I want. It turns out RTTB did the same (swoon, bless his cotton socks) in his city, and struck the same problem.

Why? Why do manufacturers suddenly discontinue lines. It's the same with lipsticks. How often do you go to purchase your favourite lippy to be told "that line has been deleted."

I have just looked in the bathroom cabinet at the range of products I have purchased and rejected over the last year in my search for the perfect one. I have 8 items as follows:

  • L'Oreal hair mix glam definition
  • Dominate clay
  • L'Oreal fix max
  • VO5 matt clay (I have 2 pots of this, obviously forgetting it had previously been rejected)
  • Havoc styling clay
  • L'Oreal tec play ball extreme honey
  • L'Oreal colour show define wax
  • Evo cassius cushy clay ( this one describes itself as "voluptuous and strong ply clay that enables you to achieve shapes that previously existed only by forcing your head into a sofa")
Two of these products smell like something you would eat, and that is very off putting, so they are double rejected.

 I have found myself wondering about how we existed before hair product was invented. I had no problems, and was the envy of all the punks as I use product to keep my hair down, so unlike them was never seeking primitive means to spike my hair.

So if anyone would like a pot of hair product, only 1 finger scoop used, you know where they are.


XChequer said...

The Havoc styling clay, please!

I need a bit of havoc in my life.

Please send to:

c/o I.N.D Awig
RD 4

Thanks hon. Love your work.

Errr.... and your product

unPC lesbian said...

Can hand deliver next week. Sure you're not interested in the sofa head look as well? I'm sure it would really pull the chicks!

XChequer said...


Was actually hoping for a hairstyle approaching this:

Whaddya think? I reckon I'll pull heaps!

XChequer said...

Actually, further to my last post, given the state of my mug, the other stuff couldn't hurt. Can you bring that too!

Anonymous said...

KMS moulding paste - its the business...!

unPC lesbian said...

oooh, thanks, will investigate. I have an issue with wax type products, prefer a dry matt look.

Would resort to Fudge, but hate admitting that Oz may make a good product!

Anonymous said...

Your product woes will be alleviated when you come down - this boy is an expert and can highly recommend a couple of things. We will go shopping!


Christopher said...

I was annoyed when Lancome discontinued their Miracle for men cologne - it was divine and I loved it! Sigh. Had to buy a reliable standby - Farenheit.

unPC lesbian said...

I with you on that Christopher. I almost had a heart attack when I couldn't see my fave Dior lippy on the rack last time I went to stock up. I was lucky, phew, they just didn't have a sample one and still had supplies on hand. And I can tell you not being bale to get your fave lippy is FAR worse the current hair product woes.

cuckoobrain said...

I have the cassius cushy clay - it is AMAAAAZING. great stuff for my strong asian hair and a little goes a long way.

If you don't want it, I'll have it!!

unPC lesbian said...

Excellent....this is like freetrademe!!

Comment me your address (not to be published) and if it isn't somewhere odd on the other end of the planet the tub will be sent to you!!!

Too dense for my wimpy caucasion hair!!

unPC lesbian said...

awww. Cuckoobrain, you're 3 days too late!! haven't published yr comment cos it has your address. I'm moving house and I just dumped all the hair products on Sunday. Bad Timing.

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