Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad Blogger

Yes, I now officially have the title of being THE worst blogger, but, but - life has been busy!
Firstly I've had the two insurance saga's to deal with.One good one bad. This is the start of the bad insurance story.

I won't go into the full story, but it seems an insurance company can make decisions, and do legal things about ownership and registration, without feeling the need inform car "owner" at any point. Unlike the travel insurance company (the good story) who very promptly paid out for the bracelet I unfortunately lost while in America.

To take my mind off the car drama I went here

for a bit of this

I'm heading up again this weekend but this time I will put the long trippy uppy things on the end of my feet so I can spend the day falling over, and pay a fortune do so! While on that trip I got up close and personal with this one.

And come January I'm going to climb the fukker. Will do the full crossing and nip up to the top along the way.

 When I got back I managed to temporarily fix the car, you may recognise the piece of plastic.

It's now with the man with a big belly and tattoos getting road worthy again, though thanks to a vital piece of misinformation from the NZTA call centre, it is going to cost slightly more than $100 to re register and make legal again. 

Along the way I have had one of these

And as I was truly pampered by my gorgeous girlfriend I created a bit of art for her during the day

I have also done another race, first in my age group, fourth in open women grade, committed to doing this race, and a triathalon in November, and - even though I swore never again, I am doing another lesbian event.

So you see, I'm not telling fibs when I say busy! 

I will hopefully get my car back this week, which is good as that saga will finally be over, but sad as I've been driving Dolly the last two weeks. A good friend has loaned me her car while she is out of town and I really don't want to give her back, I'm sure you can see why.

So that is my life the last few weeks. Oh yeah, the child is still in Oz and still alive. 
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