Sunday, December 23, 2012

Zurich day two.

It was a fairly quiet day today,  but very enjoyable. I managed a good twelve hours sleep, then my help with breakfast preparation consisted of sitting in bed with the three boys and watching cartoons online. This eventually led to a discussion on how violent cartoons are, and how much the bad science and physics of them irritates me immensely. We had been watching Roadrunner.

I then spent the day on my own wandering the city without a map, my form of bliss. The first sight that caught my eye was a man blowing giant bubbles down by the lake.

I then went over to the old part of the city and wandered the cobbled streets and alleys just to see where they went and what was round the corner.

One little alleyway I walked looked like it was just a private path but it came to a micro square with a lovely building at the end of it,

And a the first secondhand clothes shop I have seen here..

Eventually I found myself near the main station so went in to pick up my ticket to Milan.

I had another wander round the Christmas market while there and as i was thirsty I had to have some gluhwein. That went straight to my head so mopped it up with some hot ham thing that I can't remember the name of.

I was good and resisted the call of these little babies though.

I then ended up back in the designer street which was just heaving with well dressed people spending money. I then sidetracked off there heading down little cobbled streets towards the river and came across some busking Santa's. Very high class busking Santa's!

From there I wandered back to the bottom of the lake, went to the supermarket for supplies (water and beer) then back home. Along the way I found the ultimate chair for my desk.

Now it's champagne time and a raclette for dinner. I am blanking from my mind the 6am alarm.


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