Thursday, March 24, 2011


On my post run beer mission at the supermarket I spied the most perfect specimens of peacherines I have ever seen in my entire life, and I had double luck as the taste was sublime as well. Happy face.

I do like the phone camera pixilation. Yes, this is my life.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Party

The Party has been and gone, and the whole weekend was huge with much action and many storys to tell, but as I'm now in mopping up the tears role, a wee pictorial post will just have to do.

First up myself and the "dancers" at the hotel picking up Ms Hotrod.

The next one is the wonderful Ms Hotrod, swoon.

I think this one is an 'action' shot.

Lots more images can be seen here. I'm off to hide from the world for a while now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Life

Life is all a bit big and busy at the moment, tonight being my first evening of relative quietness for sometime. I am surrounded by corsets in various stages of alterations, but at least I am having some quality sofa time. So a summary of the last week.

Is back at her flat and back at lectures. The pacemaker was put in on Thursday morning and she was discharged that evening. The process is considered minor surgery, she was only lightly sedated through the operation. She had a few days at home here, then was finally able to escape to her flat and friends on Sunday. She is getting very irritated with people ringing asking "how are you", so that has turned into a new Mummy sport. We have been very lucky.

The Outgames kicked off last Friday, well people started arriving then. I had drinks after work with Lucky Escape (aka the Bitch Who Broke My Heart) watched a bit of dance sport practice, then home to ignore the Japan disaster. I just don't have the emotional energy to absorb any more awfulness.

Saturday was a blur of housework and time at the Square networking and handing out programmes. I then picked up my houseguest for the week and treated her to a special rehearsal with the girls at home. Sunday was my race and though I did a PB it was hard at the end. The leg started hurting after the the turn but I stuck to my plan of kicking out at the end. It worked  well for my placing but the pain/vomit ratio was nasty and I almost hurled 10 metres from the line! However I got silver and here is the evidence along with a silly face.

I ended the day with a manic set up at the womens club which included perching on a very high ladder and screwing light fittings into the ceiling. The upside of that was the the hot mountaineer holding the light fittings in place, and using her cleavage to catch the falling screws from my distracted drilling. After all that I was so tired I turned down the offer of a steak at Crazy Horse, and as that is my favourite steak house, an indication of how exhausted I was.

I rallied on Monday and after work went to the show at the second night of the Velvet Club. An interesting night of people watching and again a reminder of just how small and interconnected this world is. Spent time chatting with a good pal of Nzaliens. Lucky Escape also turned up, but as this is my city I didn't let it bother me and just had fun with friends new and old, and a hat.

The party that I am managing is now only 48 hours away, hence being awash with corsets and fishnets. Ticket sales are huge and I now have another performer for the wee small hours as well as my lapdancer, so all is looking good. I'm still going to attempt the back to back which is; do my party and pack out at 3am, aiport run at 4am to drop dj, and go to the closing party on Saturday night!

Random Impulsive Actions
Plane tickets to San Francisco in June! This year has been huge and draining and I decided I needed to do something frivolous and all about me. For the last two years I've put off planned trips because of doing dull things like moving house, getting teeth fixed, and supporting children, so now it's time for a bit of self indulgence. The decision was aided by a new pal saying they were going to be there for Pride, and the thought of a big gay party was irresistable. I am so looking forward to it, and before you ask, I will at some point have to wear flowers in my hair.

So there you have a summary of the last week, and now it's back to my needle and thread.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Brief Hello

I am alive and I do have some funny storys to tell, lesbian committees always provide such juicy blog fodder, and oh my I have some classics to tell. However, as those of you on my facebook know, another unexpected life challenge has arisen in the last 48 hours.

My firstborn was admitted to hospital on Saturday night and is now in the cardiac ward as a heart issue has been discovered. Her heart rate is way too low and the chambers aren't beating correctly. There are many technical words for it, but basically it means we just sit and wait till the tests are done, then find if they are going to put in a pacemaker.

It's been a pretty rugged year so far on an emotional level, and right now I feel like I'm operating on auto pilot. As Alison Moyet said, "I'm all cried out."

Again I am just trying to focus on the positive and bless that this problem has been found without her actually being ill from it, and that we are lucky enough to live in a country that has the resources to treat it. Kia kaha, kia kaha.
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