Monday, May 9, 2011


I don't know why I've been so silent of late, I just seem to have lost my writing my mojo, but regaining my cooking one. Even winding up the feminists over at The Stroppery is failing to amuse me, though, big HUGE ha ha ha -  I see that  blog has now been made "invite only." One assumes that since they now only want to talk amongst themselves, they just can't handle opinions that differ from theirs. No loss.

I had a very relaxing trip to Christchurch over Easter and to be honest I spent most of the time alseep. It seems the body just needed to stop, and visiting the boys was the best place to do it. It was very odd seeing the city, the way buildings just weren't there. Also driving through areas of damage and then coming across vast areas untouched. Christchurch has always been my happy sunny holiday city and that feeling was still there for me. I admire the resilience and fortitude of everyone, they are determined to save their city and I thank them for that. One photo only; it shows the effect of shake and liquefaction.

Work has settled down after the busyness of the first quarter, and I have now realised that next month is my two year anniversary. Where did that time go? I'm also quietly pondering the "where to from here" question. The debate of work life balance vs corporate ladder climbing in the pursuit of more revenue. Will let that one simmer over the next six months.

I've been running as usual, lifting weights and working on the press up obsession. I can now do four full extension ones at the start of each set. I got to use this new skill on Saturday, and no, I'm not going to elaborate further on that statement.

San Francisco is now under six weeks away, so in preparation for that one of my teeth has had a big chunk fall off! Whimper. Hopefully only a small quick patch up will fix it. I am starting to get excited about the trip now and making a few more plans. Nzalien is being a star with planning things to do and places to go. She has suggested going here, I may be lost for days. The final weekend is Pride which will mean much dancing and basking in gayness. Much, much fun to be had, especially as someone very special will be in town at the same time. The girls will go out and play.

So that is a brief catch up in the scintillating life of moi. Number one daughter is doing fine, and the child has got a full time job and starts in ten days. It's with another firm two blocks up the road. Hopefully that means she will achieve her aim of moving out and never talking to me again. Time will tell.

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