Friday, December 21, 2007

Crunchie Bar Anyone

A large part of my chocolate consumption of the last 2 weeks (see below) has been little crunchie bars that were used in the Country and Western event.

I had over 600 in my office to start with, and by the sheer determined grit of not opening any of the packets till they were genuinely needed the 600 managed to stay intact until the night.

However, after the event I found I had just over 150 left. I have just counted what is left in the bag. There are 23 remaining.

I can't do it. I don't think I EVER want to see a crunchie bar again.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The New Diet

Isn't it odd how you stumble across something wonderful when you least expect it. It's how I'm feeling about my new diet.

I'm calling it the "C" diet, and it consists of living off nothing but coffee, chocolate and cocktail food. I have reached goal weight, my clothes are starting to hang and I haven't even started on the final "C" item, champagne.

I'm refusing to accept that the 60 hour weeks, no weekends and high stress of the last few weeks has contributed at all, and I'm planning to continue the diet over my entire holiday break.

I expect to be of mere sylph like proportions at the end of the next four weeks.

Evil Eyes on the Loose

I had a large Country & Western themed event on last Friday and it was the perfect chance to again wear my new lovely beautiful gorgeous skirt which I will never grow weary of. When the disc of photo's arrived today I thought I'd finally be able to post an image of it's wonderfulness. Not so.
I've cleaned the image up as much as I can with my limited skill, including "reducing red eye". I love the laser effect that I'm left with.
I'm having a very Amanda Donahue/Lair of the White Worm moment here. So for your amusement please see below. Chortle, chortle, chortle....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Why does it do it?

This paragraph spacing issue is doing my head in, why does it do it? You have your post looking all pretty then upload it and and wham, bye bye paragraphs. And not consistently either!

No amount of editing will fix it, and with the post below I completely re wrote it and the good para spacing swapped from top to bottom.

Grrrr, humph, don't they know I'm anal about grammar and layout.

A Little Bit of History

I've recently reestablished contact with an old flatmate and dear friend from my yoof, he broke free from the poppy cutters to pursue his dream and is now a full time artist based in Washington.
Of course there are a lot of funny stories to tell from that time in his gorgeous house, which the Non Struggling Artist is encouraging me to tell, though of course with certain people's names disguised so as not to offend. Unfortunately these stories will have to wait a wee bit till the great god work slows down, though one question is whirling round my brain madly.
Why on earth were we crouched in the laundry one evening with the television precariously balanced on the wringer washing machine, smoking the naughty weed and watching The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Who was coming to visit that we didn't want the house to smell for? And why did we think the laundry would contain the smell?
However in delving into my past I've come across this gem which I thought I'd share with you, as of course this is all about ME! Here it is......

Isn't it divine!

Mrs Smith, the trousers were a size 10. I had another pair in blue, and likewise the top I had another in red so I had infinite variations of the same theme. I only ever wore canvas sand shoes at the time but was coerced to put on the Opera shoes for the photo session. Now there's a good story, going to the Opera, but another time.

The top came from Cook St market which is proof that when I went there regularly on a Saturday it was to shop and not just hide behind a pillar and make google eyes and sigh meaningfully in the direction of a certain Topp twin while they were performing their early busking routines.

I do wish I still had the sunglasses.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I have been very quiet of late due to work interfering with life. Today I start the 12 days, or should I say nights, oh dammit days AND nights of Christmas. I yearn for 16 December when it's all over, bar the counting of the loot, oops, sorry....revenue.

I have a Christmas tree in a box in front of me that needs constructing. I am practising positive avoidance with it. I had to construct one last week in a 20 minute window before an event. No one told me you have to fiddle and tweak every little bloody branch on the damn things, there are 694 on this one. When I finally got it to almost resemble a tree I was then told I had to put all the stuff on to are staff, that's what I employ you for, normally you are fighting each other for the chance to decorate the tree.

My initial plan was to spray it with glue and throw things at it from a distance finishing with great lashings of glitter. For some reason that was frowned upon so I very unlovingly INDIVIDUALLY attached every bloody item on to the tree, they then told me that the stuff was meant to go on to 2 trees. I did wonder why I couldn't see any green anymore.

And if anyone asks me again where the fairy is for the top of the tree, you know the answer, he's in the basement running the switchboard.

I think I need a drink.
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