Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Evil Eyes on the Loose

I had a large Country & Western themed event on last Friday and it was the perfect chance to again wear my new lovely beautiful gorgeous skirt which I will never grow weary of. When the disc of photo's arrived today I thought I'd finally be able to post an image of it's wonderfulness. Not so.
I've cleaned the image up as much as I can with my limited skill, including "reducing red eye". I love the laser effect that I'm left with.
I'm having a very Amanda Donahue/Lair of the White Worm moment here. So for your amusement please see below. Chortle, chortle, chortle....


Mrs Smith said...

I was thinking the Terminator.

Anonymous said...

Dear God! SNAP! I have the exact skirt. Bought from Boxhill in Ngaio - purchased it so I looked glam' at a Bar Mitzvah.
Cheers, Sally

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