Sunday, July 26, 2009

International Lesbian gets an Award

Cactus, while you're out of town International Lesbian got some kind of awardy thingie at an event called Most Extraorindary Women in Finance 2009 - Benchmark & HBC, but judging by the 102 pictures in the album on facebook, a few other women got awards too. And you would have thought the facebooker could have spelt extraordinary correctly as it's splashed all over the backdrop.

Still, well cool and congratulations, and I must say her new profile shot on facebook is hot, Hot, HOT.

Hormones vs OCD

Impromptu quiz time everyone - is it hormones or late onset OCD?

I have just unknotted and tidily rewound every power, phone charger and computer cable in the house.

One for Little Drummer Boy

I've gradually been allowed to get back into lifting weights and this week got the all clear to start lats again, not long to go till project shoulders will be back in action one hopes.

So, LDB, today's work out was:

10 minute paddle, 3 sets lats @ wimpy 30K, 3 sets of nasty shoulder lift thingy on the mat, 3 sets machine seated row @25k, 3 sets back flies with 4k dumbbells, 3 sets kneeling row @14k, 3 sets single arm preacher curls @ 12k, 3 sets concentration curl @ 7k, 3 sets machine triceps @36k, 3 sets single arm triceps back drops @ 5k, 10 minutes stepper, then 10 minutes bike cos they had a new trash magazine.

For some reason the gym has purchased new free weights that go in 2kg increments, so I've lost my faves 7.5 and 15kg. One hopes after the sports Doc visit this week I'll be allowed to lift over my head again. The next 4 weeks will also see intense bicep workouts as I start trying to sharpen them up for the ball. I'm kinda liking the idea of the super femme dress and heels paired with pumped up arms.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The New Burlesque

I have an event on at the end of August that I have been booking entertainment for, and this has meant I've had to go to various shows to check out the performances. Such hard work I know, but someone has to do it.

As I have my finger firmly on the pulse of what is hip and happening in Wellington (and my tongue firmly in my cheek), I can categorically tell you that Burlesque is the New Big Thing. I'm talking the classic burlesque of risque seductive moves, innuendo and suggestion, and if breasts are ever fully revealed they are covered in gorgeous sequined pasties. Now there's a good job for a backstage dresser, fitting the pasties. There are no sleazy split beaver shots, no gratuitous nudity, and all is designed to entertain the viewer.

I have booked two of the acts I saw at the "Ready for Take Off" show, and I've managed to find a video of one of the gorgeous gals for you, it also helps that she's doing her act to a haunting Massive Attack tune. So push play and enjoy.

Addendum: Forgot to say, if you ever see Eva Stranglove is performing somewhere, go see her, Uber UBER H.O.T.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is Jillian Michaels a Lesbian #3

As you all know I have blogged several times about the sexuality of the most swoon worthy Jillian Michaels and of course her fabulous physique. My first post on her touched on her previous business partnership with the openly out Jackie Warner, and my second post gave my most definitive reason for her being gay.

Funnily it seems that I'm not the only person on this planet to ponder over Jillian's sexuality, and the second post I refer to receives so much traffic every day that I'm considering putting up advertising on it. You will see from the comments on that post that I've been hinting about a picture someone sent me.

I have been honest all along and said that in not publishing the image I was using a classic literary technique called "building tension", or "creating a cliffhanger", and I have warned you all that in the image she is fully clothed and that you'll probably all be disappointed, but finally here it is.

Yes, I can hear you all screaming from here "we've seen that it's off her twitter site!" Oh well, I never said I had anything new. Again I point you to the size of her hands, I never knew she was so well hung.

I have also included for you a tiny wee picture of her and Jackie, featuring Jackie's nipples. Judging from Jillian body language I suspect that "partnership' did not end happily.

So there you are my darlings, go salivate. And please keep on sending me the links and updates from your end of the planet cos we're so isolated down here, and I have to wait till next summer to see the last Biggest Loser show. How am I going to survive that long.
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