Monday, July 26, 2010

Nice Buns

Since moving to the new pad some decorative items are of course in different places than they were in the old house, so one gets a different view of some things.

I have just noticed, from my current sofa perch, that Lord Krishna has a really tight set of buns on him. Nice Arse!

Pedantic, moi?

Too bloody right I am. I have just been on the lovely Trademe answering the inane questions on my current auction, and resisting the urge to give the measurements in inches, when I thought I would have a wee browse around the bedroom furniture section for an item for the childs room.

I am staggered by how many people are trying to sell a verb. The highlight though is the person who is not only selling some draws, but a towl rack as well. The verb selling also seems to be suburb dependent.

That is all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Blush

While I was in Christchurch recently and wandering around the city consuming vast quantities of coffee, boys boy texted to say come and look around his place of employment as we were near by and it was pre the lunchtime rush. He works in a male sex club.

We quickly went for a guided tour. Naturally it was quite dark in many of the spaces so not a lot to see, but sufficient to satisfy curiosity. There were many video screens showing gay boy porn, and I realised I've seen so much boy on boy porn that my reaction was yawn yawn, oh my, another stiff dick and clean shaved butt hole, show me something interesting.

However, in the little maze of rooms were some cubicles that have "glory holes", though quite hard to see in the dark. Now that I am back home I find that each time I wander past a piece of furniture in my house I blush. It was my Mothers glory box. It's just Not Right!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Go Faster

I figure I only have a few more precision parking attempts left to do then I will have completed the racing stripe on the drivers side of my car.

I think I'll have to man park though to do the passengers side.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stairway to Heaven?

I've just had a few days in Christchurch de stressing and indulging in the other yummy activities that Christchurch offers. I had a good run on Saturday morning in preparation for eating these at the party that night.

They all had to be eaten, someone had to do it.

Yesterday we went for a hill and stair walk to make the most of the sunny weather. I don't normally do up, usually keep my exercise routes as flat as possible, but the boy assured me it wasn't too much up. We started by walking up an almost perpendicular slope and then got to the steps. I was quite cocky about it, verbalising how it wasn't as bad as Jacobs Ladder and I've done that a few times.

There was one small detail the boy forgot to mention which was; that at the top of this flight of steps, there was another!!

I survived, the steps are quite shallow so not too killing on the legs. I do secretly think when I'm back to full speed and the permafrost has melted, I may attempt running it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can't Resist

This post is a prime example of why you should be very cautious with your security and access settings on facebook. One of my "friends" was tagged in a photo so I was then able to look at the entire album and came across this wee gem, which of course I pinched.

The female of the species in this image is a very smart young blogger whom I link to from here, and who is having much fun exploring life and sexuality, interspersed with the odd bit of study. The male of species doesn't appear to be Quite So Smart.

Thanks Sinnercyst, and hope you finally got your exam results.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

All Done

The move is complete, in the sense that everything has been taken from one house another. The essentials (beds, internet) have been set up so now it's just the task of unpacking the sea of boxes. I did have a wee moment  of panic when I thought there wasn't enough floor space to place all the boxes, but they all fitted.

Not Good Point: The movers smashing the fancy low slung glass light fitting in the dining room of the old house (I neeeeeed all my bond back), and using the boxes clearly marked fragile as the base to stand other boxes on top of.

Good Point: Dinner at a new local eatery where they have paper on the table tops and encourage the patrons to write and draw on it by giving them pencils. There were none on our table so I pulled a pen out of my bag to which the child said, "why is it that the only pen in your handbag is pale blue and sparkly?"

I'm currently hiding in bed, about to go to the market and hoping the unpacking fairy will visit while I'm gone. I forsee another trip to the dump today.
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