Monday, July 26, 2010

Pedantic, moi?

Too bloody right I am. I have just been on the lovely Trademe answering the inane questions on my current auction, and resisting the urge to give the measurements in inches, when I thought I would have a wee browse around the bedroom furniture section for an item for the childs room.

I am staggered by how many people are trying to sell a verb. The highlight though is the person who is not only selling some draws, but a towl rack as well. The verb selling also seems to be suburb dependent.

That is all.


nzm said...

Maybe once they've sold their draws and towls, they'll be able to afford some vowels?

unPC lesbian said...

Shouldn't that be vowls?

nzm said...

I'll buy an E for enough!

unPC lesbian said...

oooooh, tonight I saw a pair of oubagine shoes for sale, and a few from one trader that had low heals.....who needs reality tv when you have trademe!

nzm said...


The one that gets me right now, is that every media outlet (blogs, MSM, PR, Advertising etc) has decided that the term "sneak peek" should, and must, be used at every possible moment. Except, they spell it "sneak peak"! A stealthy mountain? ;.)

Reading Granny Herald online makes me wonder if they've killed all their editors and proof-readers too.

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