Monday, July 26, 2010

Nice Buns

Since moving to the new pad some decorative items are of course in different places than they were in the old house, so one gets a different view of some things.

I have just noticed, from my current sofa perch, that Lord Krishna has a really tight set of buns on him. Nice Arse!


Jody said... need to get out more.......although I can't fault the aesthetic eye!

unPC lesbian said...

I do get out, going for coffee counts!! and and and...I'm going to the movies this week, So There!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine is better, and it's not dirty and wrong to touch mine.


unPC lesbian said...

Funnily I was just looking at the bum bruise pics today, and yes yours is MUCH better.

aaarrggghhh, now I'm gonna feel guilty about dusting his bits - it's not sacrilege is it?

Phil said...

Yep - sacrilege. You'll come back as Lindsay Lohan

( BTW word verification code is UNDIC )

unPC lesbian said...

ooooh, does that mean I get to have Samantha Ronson as well?

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