Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Got the Power

I received a very urgent text from the child yesterday telling me to check my email. When I finally dragged myself away from bed and book and looked I found she was after some concert tickets. It was all VERY urgent as she feared it would sell out in a matter of hours. The email contained this phrase:

"I LOOOOOOVE BASSHUNTER and this concert would be amazing! could you please consinder this and get back to me soon! Ill do anything to be able to go! PLEASEE!" (NB, this has been cut and pasted from original email hence appalling spelling and grammar)

After I extracted the promise that the credit card bill was to be paid within 3 months INCLUDING interest I then purchased the tickets. The concert is over 4 months away, I am so looking forward the power I now hold for that time. I'm envisioning a tidy bedroom, clothes all folded and put away, study, homework, dishes - Oh I'm just beside myself with the excitement and pleasure of it all.

This may however not be the time confess that Mummy may get herself a ticket as well.....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 14 of I E E

Yes it's been awhile, but when you've been stuck indoors marvelling at how much mucous the body can produce, then ending up with tonsillitis and marvelling at all the little pus spots (mucous in another format) in your mouth, there's not been a lot scintillating to blather on about.

I did manage to get to another job interview on Friday morning (day 10) and have now been called back for a second interview to attempt to bond with a senior partner. I'm having a major fashion crisis, as this is very VERY corporate with lashings of fabulous New Zealand art on the walls. At least the fashion crisis is temporarily diverting me from the question crisis. The first round interview was fine as I know most of the standard behavioural based questions so was prepared, I however have no idea what is going to be thrown at me tomorrow. I have a lunch date prior with an HR type person, I will be interrogating her intensely for possible help. Aaarrrrgggghhhhh.

I also have a very social week coming up. I'm calling it "networking" for an event I am producing as yes I will be handing out little flyers on two nights, but really it's just a sudden influx of social activity. One of the social occasions is a huge feast at old friends out of town, I'm going to play with peoples minds and a take a boy date, though I do fear that when they see who it is they will realise I'm only joking

I have also returned the unwanted glassware and now have another two fry pans, because it has been established that five fry pans is NOT excessive, and have spent the Hotel gift voucher and purchased a new pair of very tight slimline jeans, yet that is still not helping my fashion crisis.

Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh. Oh and in case some of you have not noticed, there is a new blog listed in my blogroll, it has been started by one of the characters that has featured you go now......

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trout Lips

The last two mornings I have woken with a swollen upper lip, it feels quite odd but of course I am loving the Hollywood starlet look.

Yesterday I took an anti inflammatory and the puffiness faded, but today I've decided to stick with the look. Goodness, I don't know how those who are much vainer than I cope with the collagen puffed up lips on a full time basis as it feels almost uncomfortable. I keep thinking I'm walking round pulling a face like one of Marge Simpson's sisters.

Mind you, if I could figure out what's causing it I'm sure I could make money from it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 6 of I E E

Finally admit that sexy husky voice is no longer the result of an extended hangover from day 3 and head off to the Doctor, as it now also very painful.

Attempt to teach my cat how to use the newly installed cat door as she has never encountered one before. Give up after her claws start gouging the surrounding paint work. Find flatmates cat, set door to exit only, forcibly stuff weak bladdered pest through cat door then firmly lock. Clean up last nights cat pee, while resisting the urge to rub soiled clothes all over the flatmates pillow.

Send off the next job application, make banana bread, re check how many lesbians have joined my new group on facebook, clean the shower, and now off to research all those funny little HR questionnaires so I can be well prepared for my next interview. I will NOT fail the "what is your weakest point" question this time, and somehow I don't think my sexy voice will score extra brownie points.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 4 of I E E

Has been spent recovering from day 3.

Day 3 was a moderate day, one more interview confirmation, run etc etc, then off to "work" for my farewell drinks. I arrived fashionably late, but still managed to consume vast quantities of free booze. Had the usual speeches and received many gifts. As well as the standard Hotel gift, which I chose to be a voucher for a clothing store, my staff had also set up a private fund which reaped a large quantity of loot that they spent in a kitchen store on, funnily enough, posh flutes and wine glasses. Bless, but hello do they think I just drink straight out of the bottle?

I went from there, with a friend in tow, off to the lesbian pool night that is held regularly in the city. It was the first time I had been, and I was mainly going to network for large event I am holding later in the year. Had my usual standard of pool playing when drunk in the city, which is; winning every game by default so staying on the table. I did win the last game by sinking the black, an appropriate departure moment.

I then stopped in to "briefly" say hello to another group of women on my way to catch a bus home, when suddenly it was 2am and many bars had been visited. I was not a happy chappy this morning, when I first woke up, or when I second woke up, but slightly better this afternoon when I finally got up. I can now face solids. I have also lost my voice.

I do recall twice during the night baiting the straight people and playing with their minds, but hello if you're going to dress like a dyke, look like a dyke, have a dyke haircut, well of course we're going to invite you to join our glamourous selves and not the dull males you are with. The married couple, well they are a whole different story.

I now see there are some women I should not go drinking with, but creating mischief really is great fun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 2 of the "Inbetween Employment Experience"

Yes, I really should have started this yesterday but I ended up being very busy. The first woman I never shagged was in town so had to "do" lunch and trail around with her while she indulged a some retail therapy. I then went for a 9k run, and finally back home to finish the wine from the night before. (Have just found that apparently I opened another bottle as well, but as this week is being classed as "holiday" that is allowed)

So now onto day two. All current job applications are in, and am contemplating one more even though it may not pay enough. A position I had applied for at a major competitor has now been changed from full time to fixed term, but have said yes to that. So today is being devoted to working out, no point doing any house work as it's inspection next week so don't want to do it twice.

I'm off now to do a baby weights work out. As I'm waiting for a second injection in the shoulder I've been restricted to back work, biceps and machine triceps only. No lifting over shoulder height, or above 90 degrees and no swimming. After my coffee ration and low cal lunch (apparently last night I also inhaled most of a packet of chocolate sultana pasties) I will head out for 7k on the road in the last of the nice weather for the week.

Then it will be time for a wee bit of book in the sun and ending up with making dinner, consuming the rest of the wine, and getting the video programmed for tomorrow. I could get used to this.

Monday, May 11, 2009

How Will I Cope?

The final update is that I finish work tomorrow. I took redundancy with a finish date of 2 June, but my employers have decided to buy me out of my notice period, obviously realising that it would not be a good look having me on site telling all my clients the "happy" news.

I am working hard on my positive affirmations, and focusing and visualising best case scenario, which is: over the 3 weeks that I am being paid out of my notice I secure a new job and then start that employment with a big fat lump sum redundancy pay out sitting in my bank.

I have however just realised one very important issue and that is coffee. As I get my daily coffees on site charged to my management account at cost (if the girls do charge me at all) I can easily afford the two a day I regularly consume. I will not be able to afford two coffees a day at full retail rates when I am between employment.

I have a cunning plan, and that is to offer my barista services to my buddy's the coffee boys on a casual on call basis, and they can pay me in coffees and not cash. I'll quite happily work on call for 4 coffees an hour. Two hours a week will have me sorted.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Addiction

I have a new addiction and you can find it here. I can't believe how deliciously yummy it tastes and feels on the mouth, and the label says it only has 5g of fat per 100g.

The label also says that the 500g container has 5 servings in it, which the child and I can't figure out as we only ever manage to get three. It's a fight to death over the 3rd serving so usually we only get two, and Mummy has employed advanced sabotage tactics to ensure she always gets the 3rd serving.

Research shows there is only one outlet for it in Wellington so it means another 15 minutes added on to the Sunday market trip to purchase some, but it is all worth it, and best of all it is still affordable on the current restricted economy.
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