Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 14 of I E E

Yes it's been awhile, but when you've been stuck indoors marvelling at how much mucous the body can produce, then ending up with tonsillitis and marvelling at all the little pus spots (mucous in another format) in your mouth, there's not been a lot scintillating to blather on about.

I did manage to get to another job interview on Friday morning (day 10) and have now been called back for a second interview to attempt to bond with a senior partner. I'm having a major fashion crisis, as this is very VERY corporate with lashings of fabulous New Zealand art on the walls. At least the fashion crisis is temporarily diverting me from the question crisis. The first round interview was fine as I know most of the standard behavioural based questions so was prepared, I however have no idea what is going to be thrown at me tomorrow. I have a lunch date prior with an HR type person, I will be interrogating her intensely for possible help. Aaarrrrgggghhhhh.

I also have a very social week coming up. I'm calling it "networking" for an event I am producing as yes I will be handing out little flyers on two nights, but really it's just a sudden influx of social activity. One of the social occasions is a huge feast at old friends out of town, I'm going to play with peoples minds and a take a boy date, though I do fear that when they see who it is they will realise I'm only joking

I have also returned the unwanted glassware and now have another two fry pans, because it has been established that five fry pans is NOT excessive, and have spent the Hotel gift voucher and purchased a new pair of very tight slimline jeans, yet that is still not helping my fashion crisis.

Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh. Oh and in case some of you have not noticed, there is a new blog listed in my blogroll, it has been started by one of the characters that has featured here......off you go now......


Ms Gotlucky said...

Darling You have more style and dress sense on your worst day than most of us on our best.
I would be more worried about you rolling your eyes at their inane questions!

unPC lesbian said...

Oh bless...I ended up channelling Trinny and did th4e chiffon dress over black trousers as short jacket. If I pull this job, trust me the fashion stakes have been raised tremendously....

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