Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Addiction

I have a new addiction and you can find it here. I can't believe how deliciously yummy it tastes and feels on the mouth, and the label says it only has 5g of fat per 100g.

The label also says that the 500g container has 5 servings in it, which the child and I can't figure out as we only ever manage to get three. It's a fight to death over the 3rd serving so usually we only get two, and Mummy has employed advanced sabotage tactics to ensure she always gets the 3rd serving.

Research shows there is only one outlet for it in Wellington so it means another 15 minutes added on to the Sunday market trip to purchase some, but it is all worth it, and best of all it is still affordable on the current restricted economy.


Bryan Spondre said...

My closest stockist:

Fishmart, City
09 3030262

About 5 minutes away, barely time to eat it before getting it into the fridge.

unPC lesbian said...

and that is exactly why I am glad it is not available in my home supermarket....2 minutes walk, I'm sure I could easily inhale an entire container on the walk home.

But how do they make it so yummy and bad/good tasting without al lthe fat of the other products?

Bryan Spondre said...

And why can't the same thing happen to PIzza ?

unPC lesbian said...

ha ha that's where I got you buddy,. I'm lying on the sofa looking out the window at the view and there it is..the Mediteranean Food warehouse, centre view, home of the bestest thin woodfire pizza'a that are LOW FAT...yum yum yum...still hot after walking home. Not that we eat them anymore, cos they are takeaways, and our economy doesn't support takeaways.

So hint to future dates...I can be bribed with pizza.....

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