Monday, May 11, 2009

How Will I Cope?

The final update is that I finish work tomorrow. I took redundancy with a finish date of 2 June, but my employers have decided to buy me out of my notice period, obviously realising that it would not be a good look having me on site telling all my clients the "happy" news.

I am working hard on my positive affirmations, and focusing and visualising best case scenario, which is: over the 3 weeks that I am being paid out of my notice I secure a new job and then start that employment with a big fat lump sum redundancy pay out sitting in my bank.

I have however just realised one very important issue and that is coffee. As I get my daily coffees on site charged to my management account at cost (if the girls do charge me at all) I can easily afford the two a day I regularly consume. I will not be able to afford two coffees a day at full retail rates when I am between employment.

I have a cunning plan, and that is to offer my barista services to my buddy's the coffee boys on a casual on call basis, and they can pay me in coffees and not cash. I'll quite happily work on call for 4 coffees an hour. Two hours a week will have me sorted.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the job hunting front!

nzm said...

And then you can use that big fat lump sum redundancy pay out to visit Barcelona.

unPC lesbian said...

...of course...on the way back from my week of PT sessions with Jillian in LAX.....oooh...just remembered. I got a comment last week on the old "is Jillian Michaels a Lesbian" post, the one that generates all the traffic. The kind person sent me a link to a pic...I'll send it on to you. I haven't published it cos it's toooo special!!

nzm said...

I was honoured to receive it!

unPC lesbian said...

yes..and thanks for the little treat you sent. Yes, she does have big hands, but as I've said before in Lesbian terms that equates with "well hung".

otter said...

sorry to hear about the job situation. I will send nasty thoughts in their direction. I hope your boss's balls turn square and fester at the corners!

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