Monday, April 26, 2010

Girl Lust

I don't normally do handbags in a big way, more find one that suits then use it everyday. However it seems that when I succumb and fall in lust, I do it HARD.  I realise you long term readers will remind me about this bag and my proclamations of lust for it, and yes as much I do still like her, she is just tooooo high maintenance, so can't be used every day.

For the last few years I've been using my Jaqui Brown bag (so called because Jaqui had the same one the first series of her show) but the zip has broken, the fauxleather is peeling, and it is just very very tired. Over the last few weeks I have been going through the great handbag drama. There have been two false positives, one handed on to the child and one currently on Trademe, until eventually I had to give in to the piece of gorgeousness that has been taunting me for weeks.

It was obviously meant to be, as when I finally caved and went to purchase I was pleased to find further discount on the already sale price.

Here she is:

Surprise, surprise, it's red. Funny that. Every little detail about it is just perfect, the way the handles are connected,

The detailing on the front corners,

Then just to finish off the cute polka dot lining and silky tassel to open the internal zip.

Of course I now need a pair of shoes to match.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I appear to be hallucinating. I found something on the kitchen floor this morning. It looked real. It felt real when I removed it, but obviously it wasn't real as no one else in the house appeared to see it even though they were out of bed before I.

Others in the house managed to feed their cat and hang their washing out and not see or remove it, so obviously it is just an hallucination of mine. Sigh. I think I'd prefer a hot flush.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...and Another Update

I have just visited facebook and seen in my news feed the next phase of "the One" story, and I have cut in the latest status update:

wifey and dogs on route to to follow end of the week(after packing the house!!)......cant wait x

So that puts timeline from online meeting to moving in together at 11 weeks, though really the true timeline should start at first physical meeting so that is 9 point something weeks. 

This bought to mind other friends who also had a classic case of lesbian second date syndrome, though somewhat more dramatically. This post is of when they met, this story is of the moving in together decsion (17 days), and this story is the date they moved together. I seem to recall it was 42 days from meeting to moving in together ,and in this case it was across hemispheres as well.

I think you can see where my cynicism comes from.

One for Little Drummer Boy

'Cos you said you were missing my workout posts, here's one for you. I had been training for the Round the Bays half marathon so was doing masses of running and just maintenance weights work, until the infamous ankle experience. Even after that healed I was unable to run as I had twisted my lower back, which set off a pirifomis muscle/sciatic nerve issue.

On the recommendation of one of the gym boys ( the top one) I went to a new physio who decided it was a good idea to use my arse as a pin cushion. It was a good idea!  I'm an accupuncture convert. However for the last 6 weeks or so I've been doing more weights work and other forms of cardio like icky icky bike, and rower, and angry trainer. Just short bursts, and lots more weights work.

I'm now back running, but will be keeping the weights up, so Mondays work out was:
  • 10 minutes bike
  • Lat pull downs 37.5kg
  • Seated row machine 25 kg
  • Kneeling row 16kg
  • Pec deck 35kg
  • Single arm preacher curls 14kg ( I did double arms recently with an Olympic bar plus 10kg, but I think I still prefer and get more result from single arm)
  • Seated  bicep curls with twist 7kg
  • Seated shoulder raise 7kg
  • Swiss ball skull crushers 15kg
Then felt too tired so wandered off. I really must get a bit more creative with my weights workouts, too used to relying on the ex (who was also training partner) to think up varying routines.  I have also run 8k Saturday, 11k Sunday and 10k tonight. I soooo deserve a beer.

I think I may have an opportunity for some new photo's coming up so will put some up, if they pass the vanity test!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Dawn Fades

Well dawn of a new age really, but I just couldn't resist an obscure musical reference to the tune I'm currently listening to.

A change of speed/ a change of style/ a change of scene/ with no regrets.....

However what I am attempting to say is that I am now blogging from my bed, yes I am finally wireless! Yay for me.

I'd been pondering getting a new modem and saw one on the Telecom site that was multi port adsl plus wireless. It didn't show a price on the site so I rang Telecom, confused the robot as it didn't seem to understand the word modem, and got put through to a real person. I also lucked in as it was a helpful boy with English as a first language. He told me he could give me one for free if I re signed for two years. I had a little tanty and said I thought 24 months was a bit harsh, so we came to a compromise, and voila I am now wireless. I have retained the ability to disconnect the child at will, so all is good.

On another geeky note, number 1 daughter came back from Uni holidays bearing a 500 GB  external drive, on to which she had had downloaded 50 GB of music, the sperm donors entire music collection. I have been chortling and transferring madly. Of course I now need to go purchase and external drive myself to copy the rest of the music over, but it will have to wait as a particular handbag is demanding all my attention at the moment.

Must get out of bed, body needs caffeine.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Update on The "One"

At the risk of incurring the wrath of the last anonymous commenter on the original post, I am going to tell of further information I have received re the ex and The "One". And anonymous, just to make it clear for you, this post is about classic lesbian behaviour, not the exe's current relationship. I am simply using it as an example.

Recently a complete stranger asked to be my friend on facebook. As I didn't know this person I looked at their profile carefully and found our mutual friend was the ex. The last time the ex gave my phone number to another it turned into a Very Big Drama so I was a bit wary. However recalling that the ex had mentioned an hilarious Russian I said yes.  It turned out she visits Wellington a lot and wanted to meet one as socially well connected as I (sic) to show her round a bit, and introduce her to Wellington lesbian society. I of course said yes as there is nothing I like better than watching fresh meat being thrown to the masses.

We met for coffee last week and had a very amusing conversation, not all apartments and real estate as I expected. It turns out the Russian had been dating the ex on and off for the last 6 months or so. The ex had wanted it kept quiet, so it was. I take it that things were a bit rocky around January, but the ex and the Russian were still planning to open a business together.

As the ex was a bit down in the dumps, the Russian being a nice person bought her tickets to Melbourne as an early birthday present, so the ex could go to the 40th of her ex referred to in bullet point 1 in the original post. The Russian then flew off on a long planned holiday to Fiji.

This where the new timeline starts.
  • Wednesday ex texts Russian from plane just before it leaves Oz saying thanks, had a great time.
  • Saturday ex texts myself asking information of a sexual nature
  • Sunday ex texts Russian on holiday in Fiji saying "sorry to hurt you but I won't be opening a business with you. I have met someone new" etc etc etc
So in the time between landing on the Wednesday, and texting me on the Saturday, the ex met the love of her life ONLINE, then dumped her current lover, cancelled proposed business plans all before she had met new love in the flesh, or even shagged her.

Way to go - this goes way beyond the normal lesbian second date syndrome and has a whole new category of its own.

 It turns out my vomit comment was the final impetus for the Russian to contact me, she knew then I would find her story hilarious. The rest of the lunch date was spent with the pair of us laughing hysterically over the whole thing.

Does it happen like this in the hetero world?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cable Drama

Last night when I went to watch my illegally downloaded version of Julie & Julia (thank you boi) the dvd player reception on the screen was bad and it made a nasty noise. I then had to go into work mode to identify the problem. Fortunately I only had one beer on board so after the obligatory whimper I set about finding out if it was cable or hardware. Turned out it was cable. I know I could have played the movie through the laptop to the screen, but I was resisiting that option as:
  • I couldn't find my newly acquired vga cable as I appear to have tidied it up to a very safe place
  • I would then have a sound issue which would irritate the fuk out of me, as I would only have surround and not centre sound from the screen.
I knew I had a scart cable stashed away and as I was hunting that I came across an ordinary three plug sound/video cable that I had forgotten about. I patched that in and away we went.

This cable shall henceforth be known as one Motherfukker of a cable. I don't fear this one dying on me in the near future.

(and yes I am still waiting for the cleaning fairy to turn up)

The movie was great as well, worth the dither and drama.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Flying, Fantails and Feral

I've just had another trip to sunny Christchurch (yum) and have found that it seems I fit some unusual demographic. Last time I flew back, on the orange airline, the bag lady asked if I would like to sit in the emergency exit row. I had already checked in so this meant a seat change. Intrigued  I said yes, then when I got on the plane had a little gloat because I found it meant that she thought I could easily lift 30 kg, the weight of the emergency exit door which needs to be lifted out and thrown in an emergency. This trip back I flew the red airline and again after self check in the bag lady asked if I would like more leg room. Of course I said yes, that was when I was told it was the emergency exit row and again got drilled when on the plane. When the hostess finished the drill, delivered in a fast paced flat monotone with no inflection, she asked if we had any questions. I of course had to ask why do I always get picked for this row? Still waiting for the answer.

During this trip I did a bit of shopping, funny that, but yay successful shopping bagging one chic designer item and one sheer black bargain of the year. The shopping days were gloriously sunny, then when it came time to climb the hills the weather didn't want to play. However we persevered and this little chappie made it worthwhile.

I'd stopped to take a layer of fleece off and he flew in little circles around us very close. He then followed us all the way up the track, and each time we stopped he would stop and circle us. I do admit that at one point I adopted a tree like stance as it looked like he was going to land. Once we left the tree line he stayed behind. Also once we left the tree line the weather was bitter.

At the very top of that image you can see the look out we were aiming for, close up below.

I'm told some interesting body warming activity had been planned for when we reached this hut, but once we got there our main aim was just to get back down the hill.

As you can see from the colour of the "view" behind me we didn't even stop long enough to go oooh ahhhh. Also, as I predicted on the walk down, the weather cleared up again in the afternoon. C'est la vie, we got the cute fantail.

When I got back to Wellington I went to play a few chukka's of pool with the cat feeder and somehow conversation turned to Nana eating cats, along the lines of the poor unattended Nana who has died, and her sad un fed cat has had a wee nibble to keep alive. I thought it was quite a tidy way to go, though I do wonder how long it would take a cat to eat a Nana, and which bits would be left behind as I can imgaine that some parts may not be too tasty. I then moved on the the famous rest home cat, and pontificated that the rest home probably would not be quite so vocal if the cat jumped on the bed and ate a finger or two, a sure sign death was imminent.

I will not even touch upon the child drama that the weekend ended on except to say that as well as removing the internet cable, I have also removed the power cable.
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