Tuesday, April 20, 2010

...and Another Update

I have just visited facebook and seen in my news feed the next phase of "the One" story, and I have cut in the latest status update:

wifey and dogs on route to Auckland........me to follow end of the week(after packing the house!!)......cant wait x

So that puts timeline from online meeting to moving in together at 11 weeks, though really the true timeline should start at first physical meeting so that is 9 point something weeks. 

This bought to mind other friends who also had a classic case of lesbian second date syndrome, though somewhat more dramatically. This post is of when they met, this story is of the moving in together decsion (17 days), and this story is the date they moved together. I seem to recall it was 42 days from meeting to moving in together ,and in this case it was across hemispheres as well.

I think you can see where my cynicism comes from.


Jody said...

OMG......seriously, lesbians have a defective gene when it comes to this stuff....I'm sure of it.
We need more gay boy genes, have fun, shag, walk away.....NO u-haul.

Punting on the Styx said...

You can see where MY cynicism comes from- luckily all meaningless great shagging from then and NEVER another relationship!
Ms Gotlucky

unPC lesbian said...

Which I think was probably my advice at the time darling - but, oh my hasn't life moved on since then!

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