Tuesday, August 16, 2011




The End.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Empty Nest Week 1

The first week of empty nest life is now complete. I have today finished cleaning the room ready for the temporary flatmate's arrival. I stopped counting the loads of laundry after the sixth one. So many towels and sheets have reappeared that the linen cupboard is bursting at the seams, will have to download.

I finally changed the toilet roll on Wednesday, and another today so that means two rolls in nine days, as opposed to one a day. I don't know what she did with it, she was either at school or work for much of the day, why did we go through so much? It is also pleasing to get in from work and find there is only the porridge bowl and tea cup on the bench, and they have not reproduced mysteriously while I was at work.

Along with physical changes to the living environment, the main change of course is life priorities. No longer do I have to work my arse off to support the "family" it's just all about me now. Freedom, yet strangely a concept that one can't totally instantly embrace and go wild as Mummy guilt still raises it's head. I am however working on it.

I have had many phone calls from the teenager over the week, which negates her goal from the start of the year which was "I want to get a job, move out and never talk to you again!" I won't mock though as she has done well to organise a flat, move there, and now has accepted the sensible job offer. She starts her first full working week next week, that may not be pleasant.

Dinner is ready, must go.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Time for a Change

My life has changed so the old title no longer seems to fit. I am on my first weekend of Empty Nest. My life and priorities change from here and I will natter on about it bit more often here.

First fun, in true un-pc style having uber hot girl sex all over various pieces of lounge furniture, TMI, but you know you just gotta do it.

Another observation; I put a fresh toilet roll on yesterday and the same roll is still there today, HUGE change.
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