Friday, February 26, 2010

Child Abuse by Proxy

As the child gets older the opportunities for child abuse are getting slimmer, one really only has the extraction of the internet cable left as the main form. Sadly that is also losing it's humour value, as the internet is so much more vital in these late teenage years that most tasks are now completed within an hour of the cable being removed.

Over the last couple of days though a new very pleasing form of child abuse has emerged. The city council is laying new drainage pipes in the street and they are starting work with all their heavy machinery around 6.30am. The child is not amused as it is getting woken up much much too early.

I am quietly sniggering. Child abuse by proxy, I'm liking this.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well semi speechless over this story. If I start I will end up on a long anti fundamentalist christian rant, with a sub rant on narrow minded, fascist, racist, bigoted, sexist American fundamentalist christians, the birth place of the born agains. Instead I will just say, I'm kind of liking the blonde mullet.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lesbian - the New Black

Yes I know it's last weeks news, but as I was out of town doing pleasurable things, catching up on the Sunday Paper gossip wasn't high up on that list of activities. By the time I looked at the story it was already being played down, as it should be because it really is up to the individual how they want to handle their coming out, if they ever do. Hint, hint Jillian.

I see Cactus is only interested in the increased pickings now that a hot babe is off the hetero market, but I think I prefer the rationale that NZAlien pitched to me which is; by getting such a hot woman joining our team do we now get to kick off a few off the butt uglies? I think that's fair.

I do think though that if you are an attractive woman newsreader then Lesbian is the new black. Remember the goddess Anita McNaught, there was always gossip about her.

Yup, she's still hot. And then of course there's Rebecca Singh.......

You will need to re read this old post to see why I have defaced this image. I see there is already speculation out there in blog land of a hook up between Ms Singh and Ms Mau.

Then there is this gorgeous speciman, though more news maker/reporter than news reader.

You can find more images of her here. Not only is she hot, but she has brains as well.

Even the BBC has a got a hot lesbian newsreader.

Though of course much too girly and femme for my tastes, but I'm sure she stirs the male of the species in the same way that Ms Mau does.

So it seems that news reading can now be classed as a leading lesbian occupation. Gutted they're all so girly though.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

60 Up

That is the title of a piece of Nana porn given to RTTB by a colleague who knows of the boy's penchant for older women. This magazine caused a lot of conversation and discussion over the weekend, with the main question being why?

Why would anyone read it? Why would they find any of the images sensual or erotic?

Apparently there are publications called 30 Up, 40 Up etc, and this one came into being due to customer demand, the market asked for it. Somewhat like the aforementioned butch calendar the quality of this publication is utter crap, in fact it makes the calendar look like a Hefner product in comparison. I was almost too scared to touch it originally as I feared the ink would rub off on me, but then realised that the original owner would be the one wearing any loose ink.

A straight male dinner guest asked if I found it offensive or degrading to women, and the answer was no. This is because the majority of the images were SENT IN BY READERS. Yes, you can see the tea cup sitting on the table by the sofa.

The only thing that I found at all disturbing is that one of the models with a large, ahem, spread looks like two of my staff. I now find myself looking at these women and trying to banish the word centrefold from my mind. It makes you look at the Nana's in a while new light.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Book Cover

I was reminded today of a classic Nana saying which is "never judge a book by its cover", and how true that saying is sometimes.

I blogged recently of how I would love this butch calendar, and lucky me, a very kind reader has sent it to me. I was so excited when it arrived, until I took it out of it's cellophane wrapper. Quite frankly it's a total piece of shite. The cover is the best part of it.

First up is the quality of the paper it is printed on, and note the word paper. It feels like it's about 120 gsm tops, and the cover is the same weight as the contents. The images are average, though I do think they appear worse than they are due to the print quality. Fuk me whoever signed off on the colour tones should be shot. Also, assuming it is the print job that is doing it, several of the women look as though they have a nasty red body rash, or wicked acne.

And finally the "butch" models. I still stick by my original thoughts for June and October, hot, HOT! July I'm not so fussed on now due to the rash across her upper chest, and also because my biceps are FAR larger than hers. November, whom one would assume would normally appeal, is just ick. Maybe if she cut her hair off and did the full trans look it would work. March, April and May get in on the androgynous ticket, so not butch, and January has long hair!! Again this just reinforces how feminine the American concept of butch is. I've blogged on this topic before. It really does seem that the Hollywood L Word image of a lesbian is what the American dyke community aspires to. Again, as said before, at least down this end of the planet we know how to do butch properly.

Don't get me wrong, I do love this calendar, it's so bad it amuses me greatly. I owe the sender a glass of fine pinot, though with the quality of the gift one does wonder if Chateau Cardboard would suffice.
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