Monday, February 15, 2010

Lesbian - the New Black

Yes I know it's last weeks news, but as I was out of town doing pleasurable things, catching up on the Sunday Paper gossip wasn't high up on that list of activities. By the time I looked at the story it was already being played down, as it should be because it really is up to the individual how they want to handle their coming out, if they ever do. Hint, hint Jillian.

I see Cactus is only interested in the increased pickings now that a hot babe is off the hetero market, but I think I prefer the rationale that NZAlien pitched to me which is; by getting such a hot woman joining our team do we now get to kick off a few off the butt uglies? I think that's fair.

I do think though that if you are an attractive woman newsreader then Lesbian is the new black. Remember the goddess Anita McNaught, there was always gossip about her.

Yup, she's still hot. And then of course there's Rebecca Singh.......

You will need to re read this old post to see why I have defaced this image. I see there is already speculation out there in blog land of a hook up between Ms Singh and Ms Mau.

Then there is this gorgeous speciman, though more news maker/reporter than news reader.

You can find more images of her here. Not only is she hot, but she has brains as well.

Even the BBC has a got a hot lesbian newsreader.

Though of course much too girly and femme for my tastes, but I'm sure she stirs the male of the species in the same way that Ms Mau does.

So it seems that news reading can now be classed as a leading lesbian occupation. Gutted they're all so girly though.


Jody said...

Nice of you to so elegantly paraphrase my commentary. As to news reading now being a leading lesbian occupation and them all being so girly - bring it on, my day suddenly just got so much better at the thought....I'm off to watch the news....

unPC lesbian said...

oops, sorry...should really have said "taken NZAliens well presented concept and totally debased it for the sake of humour"

Saw pic of the "lovers" ina trash mag at the gas station.Best shot was of Alison Mau's muffin tops. Yay the Goddess has muffin tops!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow! So would. But only if she promised to talk economics to me afterwards.

Jody said...

This was my favourite moment of all:
Nothing like changing the debate...her future in PR is secure.

unPC lesbian said...

Ooh, economics....HOT!

Earth Mama said...

I'm wondering, since you haven't blogged about it, if you've heard that Jillian finally came out. In 'Ladies Home Journal' Jillian has finally come out as bisexual.

I did a happy dance for the coming out, but a sad dance cause she's bi and I don't do anything that a dick has been in. I hope she's saying she's bi as a easy lead in for her conservative fans. And then one day she'll come out as fully lesbian. Although with Jillian, she probably isn't bullshitting and is really bi. :-(

unPC lesbian said...

She didn't "come out" as such, but that is the lesbian interpretation of her words. If you look at one of the other Jillian Michaels threads on this blog you will see the link for the article on the comments section.

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