Tuesday, February 9, 2010

60 Up

That is the title of a piece of Nana porn given to RTTB by a colleague who knows of the boy's penchant for older women. This magazine caused a lot of conversation and discussion over the weekend, with the main question being why?

Why would anyone read it? Why would they find any of the images sensual or erotic?

Apparently there are publications called 30 Up, 40 Up etc, and this one came into being due to customer demand, the market asked for it. Somewhat like the aforementioned butch calendar the quality of this publication is utter crap, in fact it makes the calendar look like a Hefner product in comparison. I was almost too scared to touch it originally as I feared the ink would rub off on me, but then realised that the original owner would be the one wearing any loose ink.

A straight male dinner guest asked if I found it offensive or degrading to women, and the answer was no. This is because the majority of the images were SENT IN BY READERS. Yes, you can see the tea cup sitting on the table by the sofa.

The only thing that I found at all disturbing is that one of the models with a large, ahem, spread looks like two of my staff. I now find myself looking at these women and trying to banish the word centrefold from my mind. It makes you look at the Nana's in a while new light.


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