Friday, February 26, 2010

Child Abuse by Proxy

As the child gets older the opportunities for child abuse are getting slimmer, one really only has the extraction of the internet cable left as the main form. Sadly that is also losing it's humour value, as the internet is so much more vital in these late teenage years that most tasks are now completed within an hour of the cable being removed.

Over the last couple of days though a new very pleasing form of child abuse has emerged. The city council is laying new drainage pipes in the street and they are starting work with all their heavy machinery around 6.30am. The child is not amused as it is getting woken up much much too early.

I am quietly sniggering. Child abuse by proxy, I'm liking this.


Anonymous said...

oh I'd like to click the 'like' button for that one. I thought as child gets older the opportunities to make 'annoying mum type comments' (or insist on public hugging and kissing, that was always my favourite) would increase?

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