Monday, March 1, 2010

Self Inflicted Child Abuse

Over the last few months the child has decided that Mummy's healthy salads and wraps are far too dull for one as worldly as her, so has taken to getting her portion of protein and cooking her own dinner. Sometimes she forgets to cook the protein, especially when she has made mashed potatoes, but I guess with the amount of butter and cheese put into them, they have enough protein on their own.

Tonight she has made chicken breast curry as there was coconut cream leftover from sago making yesterday. She googled an "easy" curry recipe, totally ignoring the two Asian food and cookery encyclopaedic books on the shelf, and another cook book that is only curry.

I started to pay attention when asked if we had any garlic powder, as of course I would never have anything as vile as that in the house. I pointed her to the basket of fresh garlic and the mortar and pestle. After a while a rather pleasant aroma started to waft through so I went to check out the cooking. The curry looked a nice colour and smelled fine, so I bravely poked a fork in and fished out a piece of potato (and that is homegrown organic backyard Kilbirnie potato, no ordinary spuds here). As I was about to sample the piece I was told that it was a bit spicy, so steeled myself. I did manage to consume the piece of potato, just.

I then calmly enquired as to what was in the curry. It really was quite hard to keep a straight face when told it contained a TABLESPOON of cayenne. I fear the child may suffer "repercussions" after she consumes her dinner.

Bliss, I think I'm going to enjoy this form of Mothers revenge.


Christopher. said...

oh! you are so evil!! LOL

unPC lesbian said...

I do try.

Jody said...

Do you suppose it's wrong how much I enjoy the child abuse stories? Should I even be writing that here? Is it too late to get name suppression?

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