Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Sunday Fair

Last Sunday was the annual fair in my fab city fringe suburb, where the streets are closed off and the masses from all those not so fabbo suburbs come to browse the stalls, eat the food and listen to all the music provided.

The day always starts quite stressful for me as I have to get to the market for my vegetables and get home in time to not lose my car park. This also has to be done sans coffee as I can't get to the coffee shop because of the road closures. It turned out that this year the suburban unfortunates started to arrive much earlier as I lost my car park. As you can imagine I was Not Happy, and yes that was me driving round in circles with the window open yelling "you dumbfuk c***face stupid people, if you parked properly I could get in there!". The suburban unfortunates had parked so badly there were lots of almost car sized spaces, but none large enough. However with the aid of a couple of wheels on the footpath I managed to "park". A quick unpack of the veges then it was time to wander down amongst the masses.

Now that I have a new pink gadget I can give you some images of the afternoons wanderings. The first thing that caught my eye was this chap and all his feathers

At first I felt sorry for him thinking how hot he must have been with his costume and all the feathers, but as the tune he was playing took 48 hours to leave my head, I hope he sweltered and got a rash to match.

A bit further on was a t shirt stall with a couple of prints that amused, and of course as I'd had a coffee issue that morning this one was most relevent.

One didn't purchase any though as my companion for the day, who works for a t shirt screen printing business, was having some form of apoplexy at the prices. We hurried on. The next stall I was keen to see was one I visit every year in the futile hope they will have one in my size.

Sigh. A good tutu is hard to find. I yearn for a tutu.

This book also caught my eye, I'm sure it could be useful, but I didn't have enough loot.

Finally hunger and heat got to me so it was off to the roti caravan for a scoff, and new this year was a portable wood fired pizza stall, double scoff. I then turned around to start on the last few stalls and what do I see on the main stage but a pair of lesbians.

One of the performers tried to tell me to fuk off and sing at the same time, so I had resist the urge to yell loudly, "new gadget Geri, you are sooooo all over facebook!"

Those of you who were also at the fair will notice that there is one type of stall I haven't mentioned or provided an image of, and that is the soap stalls. The fukkin soaps stalls to be exact. It seems making soap, and the associated smelly products that are sold alongside it, have taken over from preserves as the market stall de jour. Sorry guys, give me a bag of fudge and home made cake any day.

I finished the day with  a wee visit to the tomatoes and their owners,

And came home with a bag of freshly killed organic spuds which I am still slowly consuming.

All to be repeated the same time next year, except I will rememer to put sunblock on. Whimper.


Anonymous said...

oh so don't miss living in inner-Wellies when thinking about car parking. I remember driving around Mt Victoria about 17 streets from where I lived looking for somewhere to park if I got home late on a Sunday evening. At least where I live now the carparks are drawn on the road so you'd have to be a bit of a dimber to not get it right. I'm very jealous of that person's lovely crop of tomatos!

unPC lesbian said...

Parking in my little 'hood usually not a problem, only when the masses descend for the annual fair, but Mt Vic, a fukking nightmare. Ms Gotlucky lives there now and I tend to take the bus or walk when I visit.

That is only one small grove of tomatoes...there are more. I eagerly await when supply exceeds consumption.

Meems said...

I purchased all four of my tutus from different sellers on etsy who all did them in any size. It's difficult to find cute tutus if you aren't shopping for a child.

Tutus are essential to daily life. I'm not sure if I could work up the courage to challenge strangers to dance offs without my tutu and tiara.

unPC lesbian said...

I love you Meems, will you marry me?

Oddly tiara's are much easier to come by, and tarting up the plastic kiddies ones works well also.

Meems said...

As long as the bridesmaids outfits include tiaras and tutus!

unPC lesbian said...

That of course goes without saying. I would even encourage guests to do the same, withhold beverages from those who have not made an effort.

little drummer boy said...

Did you see Gerry's little cameo in Avatar??.

unPC lesbian said...

Yay, LDB you are alive!!! Was gonna do some more gym shots to see if ya still out there.

Nope, of course I haven't seen it....do I need to list the reasons?

Anonymous said...

Is Geri the one you regret losing ?

unPC lesbian said...

ha ha ha...too funny again anonymous, Geri is gonna love that! Yes Geri and I have had physical contact....as all personal trainers do with their clients.

I can quite categorically say anonymous that there are no lovers in my life that I regret losing. It's a bit like waiting for a bus really, miss one is ok because another always comes along.

Maybe you should read a bit of back history on the blog then you would see how how way off the mark your comments are.

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