Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Wish I Was 5 Again then I could throw a huge screaming kicking tantrum in the middle of the street so that Mummy would buy me this;

Oh Trelise, why have you not made it in big people sizes, I just know I would get soooo much wear out of each item.  Yearn, yearn.


Chris said...

Well, three reasons.

1. It has a fricking huge heart on it. On a grown woman her fit georgousness will make it look... well, wide. Because 5 year olds not have a chest, and even an ultra fit lovely woman does.

2. The heart is in one of those colours that is only cute on a kid under 5.

3. If it was made womensize and the progeny wore it, what would you thibk? Now cube it, because you are a fashionista.

So, one to avoid. If this straight fogey can see it, the boys you hand around with will be... more catty.

unPC lesbian said...

1: the heart is made of sequins and is all sparkly therefore uber desirable

2: the heart is exactly the same size and placement as on my current favourite t shirt which is a Zambesi design

3: Please see current trash womens mags re matching outfits on Suri and her mother.

4: the colour is gorgeous and rough trade toy boy has already seen the outfit in the flesh and can see why I am swooning over it.

So There! [pokes tongue and stamps foot]

Chris said...

Well, details matter.

Which I cannot see in the photo.

But -- snark on -- Suri and Katie wearing the same thing is creepy.

Seriously, I will NOT link this to facebook because have just paid for g'daughter's dance lessons and she IS 5.

And would fight with you for this.

unPC lesbian said...

Yes the Suri/Katie thing is ick and sad, but I do recall Mummy Daughter outfits from my childhood way back in the mists of last century.

The store has now added a pink felt shoulder bag to the model, doesn't work.

You are a cruel harsh Grandad not letting your granddaughetr see this. I hope your Easter eggs are full of weevils!

Cactus Kate said...

Newsflash - that is REVOLTING.

unPC lesbian said...

ha ha...tho I do seem to recall Trelise is not one of your number one favourite designers!!

Chris said...

Grand daughter's mother is trying... with difficulty... to keep her Girly but also strong enough to survive as a military brat. Wearing stuff like that would lead to fights and tears: the daughter is on a K mart type budget (2 kids and enlisted husband). So... I am supporting my daughter :-).

Besides, g'daughter the only one in the family with the fabulosity gene. Neither me or daughter have it. (I have never met Cactus or you, but from all descriptions you both know what you are doing with clothes.... so I will now bow out, before one of you removes the remaining shred of dignity :-) )

unPC lesbian said...

I was a military brat, and I'd wear it!!! Do may cost you a mont or two of mortgage payments tho!

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