Monday, March 22, 2010

One More Reason

I have found yet another reason (and resists impulse to sing Tracy Chapman), other than those I have already talked of, for keeping a boi around.

When I found out how keen he was to do this, and the gardening chores involved at the end of his trek, I realised that I hadn't needed to bribe him at all. However being a good femme I followed through on the bribe, and bless, he had so much fun spraying napalm on the back deck.

I seriously know how to keep a boi happy!


Anonymous said...

We're simple creatures really. I got to carry heavy things, play with dirt and kill things. What more could a boi want?


unPC lesbian said...


Anonymous said...

That seems to go with the territory, whether I carry heavy things or not. But I have noticed that it does decrease the time between romps. Am wondering what playing piano for you would do to alter the statistics...


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