Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's all Pink

I've just had a huge week with some exciting surprises in amongst the outrageous hours I did at work. The only slight low point was putting RTTB back on the plane home for another few weeks. Whimper.

My first suprise was the letter handed to me Monday morning. The actual letter wasn't a surprise as I had my own to hand out, the number inside it was. I know I should just acknowledge that it's the result of all my hard work, but I do still feel very blessed and lucky.

The other surprise was an unexpected parcel that arrived later in the week. When I got home and saw it, I quickly whisked it upstairs to open, all the while wondering why the child wasn't clamouring to see what was inside. Not wanting to ruin the surprise I opened it with my eyes closed at I didn't want to read what was on the customs slip.

I was most surprised when I saw what was inside, a lovely piece of electronica that is bright pink, and no smut minds it's a gadget, not a toy. I immediately opened it and got the battery charging so I could play with it, well figure out how to use it really. I then went to clean up the packaging on my bed when some more pinkness caught my eye, I hadn't really seen it in my haste to open the initial box, and there it was lying on my bed. Pink Bubblewrap! It is just soooooo cooooool. I've never seen pink bubblewrap before.

The next day at work I was talking with my colleagues about the pink bubblewrap (and the fab gift) and they were equally impressed by it's awesomeness, and were as divided as I am on whether to pop it, or put it away for use at a later date. I did promise them a wee section. In my thank you email to the kind benefactress I did point out that the pink bubblewrap has garnered as much excitement as the gift itself.

I am now torn, as I promised my workmates some pink bubblewrap, and I know that I should give them some as one must share good fortune around, but I am feeling very petulant and selfish about it.  I have of course been good and cut off a piece for them, and now due to the other piece of pink awesomeness I can show you.

I think I've been very generous really under the circumstances.


Anonymous said...

You're not going to save any for me, are you?


unPC lesbian said...

Maybe....and you may be surprised at what is wrapped in it!

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