Monday, October 17, 2011

All Better!

Car and fingers that is. After emptying my bank account I now have my car back and looking prettier than ever.

I have promised the panel beater that I may paint her in the future, however I now think maybe just the bumper. I quite like the red bonnet with the blue badge. Interestingly all the males involved in the process agree that I have done the right thing in repairing her, and I now have a fully certified safe car that only has 83,000k on the clock. She had to be weighed as part of the process, and phew, she is also not overweight.

I've had another weekend on the snow and this time at Turoa. The universe turned on breathtakingly stunning day for us,

and even this little mishap didn't distract too much from the fabulous day.

This time I actually donned skis for the first time in over 25 years, and I'm hooked. The new format skis make it so easy, I just want to do more. This one is from the start of the day when I was trying to remember how it all went. 

After the finger damage interlude I spent the rest of the day on the intermediate slope.

Next  time I hope I will figure out what the poles are for.

The ball weekend is fast approaching, under two weeks now, so I'm starting to get a bit fretty about it, along with the fact that I may not be able to fit my costume. However, all you lesbians out there I hope you have your ticket, you won't want to miss the biggest party of the year.

See you all there.
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