Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Ask

I have recently joined youtube as I found that my favourite mashup producer has started uploading some of his mashups and remixes. I wanted him to upload my favourite tune so I asked, then two days later there it was. I of course am chuffed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Press Ups

I have become slightly obsessed with doing press ups of late. Work has been interfering with regular gym sessions and as I have been told they are a perfect all over body work out I am doing as many as I can. At the moment I am at this level,

I am aiming for this,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well Partners really. On Friday I accidentally became a pawn in some power struggle game playing between some of the Partners, all over a shelf. I put an extra shelf, as requested, into a junior Partners office while he was out at a meeting. I also informed him that shelves were effectively a unit of currency, and as he had the economy of several European countries in his office plus half of Kairanga forest, it may be time to shred some paper instead. Said Partner also assured me he would deal with any possible repurcussions that may occur, as the shelf was above height restriction.

A couple of hours later I was called to his office. On my way there I had an amusing chatter in the lift with the librarian about a wind whistle in the library (his domain, his issue) so was smiling when I walked into the Partners office. He was not amused and let me have it, as he thought I was smiling and laughing at him. I then saw that the shelf was back on the floor. I explained that I had put the shelf up as asked, and also told of which Partners has questioned me while doing it. I had left that conversation sporting the universal "not my issue" symbol of thumb pressed to forehead.

Later that day I had to go to the same Partners office to swap his docking station and do geek things, and he apologised unbidden for being so rude in the morning. I accepted. On Monday when I was again in his office he apologised once more. I then did say I had felt like a pawn in some childish game, to which he gleefully said he'd play childish anytime.

I have now seen that yet another Partner has decided to play in this game as well and has gone around and put red stickers on any item that exceeds the height restriction. This includes lolly jars, trophys, pictures, water bottles, any item above the line. I love my job. Really I do.

Monday, April 4, 2011


That is the status of my brain at the moment. I've not been blogging as I've been tired. I've had a world record mucous production cold, and just been generally tired with life so have been hibernating. This involves watching many foreign language movies and reading books, you know, those things printed on paper.

I am looking forward to Easter and going to Christchurch to see all the boys, I'm not looking forward to seeing Christchurch though. Once I'm back from that I know I will then start getting all squirmy about going to San Francisco. I fear I may not want to leave there.

As this dullest of dull blog post shows, the brain really just can't be bothered at the moment, so a couple of pictures instead. One because I like pie charts, and the other just to prove I can touch my toes.

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