Monday, April 4, 2011


That is the status of my brain at the moment. I've not been blogging as I've been tired. I've had a world record mucous production cold, and just been generally tired with life so have been hibernating. This involves watching many foreign language movies and reading books, you know, those things printed on paper.

I am looking forward to Easter and going to Christchurch to see all the boys, I'm not looking forward to seeing Christchurch though. Once I'm back from that I know I will then start getting all squirmy about going to San Francisco. I fear I may not want to leave there.

As this dullest of dull blog post shows, the brain really just can't be bothered at the moment, so a couple of pictures instead. One because I like pie charts, and the other just to prove I can touch my toes.


Phil said...

No worries, Darls. We all have off days. I'm drinking Glenfiddich while my live-in ex is at her boyfriend's for the night. My girlfriend is at orchestra practice. She blows a mean French horn

unPC lesbian said...

Goodness Phil, your life seems as complex as the gay world!

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