Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Moves On

Oh poor neglected blog, I do still love you! As it's now the last day of February I MUST finish this post so at least I have blogged once this month. I have lucked in though with it being 29 Feb, managed to get an extra day.

The big news is of course the new job. I'm staying in law but moving to an IP firm. Similar size to where I am now, but more staff to manage due to the large administration processes involved in trademarks and patents. Lovely brand new premises, and all the usual benefits of car park, phone, gym subsidy plus a few other added extras. I've also taken a significant salary increment, so will be able to give firstborn a decent weekly allowance for her final year.

My friend who moved in last year had an unexpected meltdown over a dog bark, so moved out mid January. Along the way it turned into a bit of a lesbian drama, so the end result was that I have adopted a zero gay policy in regards to flatmates. I now have a 25 year old boy architecture student as a co tenant. Given the amount of drama and emotional stress he is experiencing with his girlfriend, and the way he is responding to it, I'm positive he really is a lesbian in a boy's body.

The German Goddess and I have taken to escaping for a night when we can and go camping. We do it in a very low tech manner, so low tech that we had no pillows one night. As you can imagine how it is when two Virgo's get together, we now have a printed check list to tick off each time so nothing is forgotten. We don't even take a tent, just sleep in the car.

Even our "fridge" is low tech, but it does work well for keeping the beers cold

And this was the view we went to sleep with on the last adventure

In two weeks time I'm off to Singapore and Malaysia for a wee adventure with the German Goddess. We got ridiculously cheap flights from a Jetstar sale months and months ago, and now finally the adventure is about to happen. I have in the interim purchased a luggage allowance so I can take some clothes, and maybe purchase a few items. We fly into Singapore and spend three days there, and then on to Miri in Borneo. From there we head into Mulu National Park for a couple of nights. I am looking forward to the caves, bats, rivers and I really hope I get to see a shrew. 

After the rainforest and geological adventures it's back to Miri then down to Kuching, the main city. From here we will go see the orang utans, and possibly another national park. I have found a wee mountain to climb, as we missed out on doing Kinabalu, however that still has to be discussed. Also at this point I have to have my "time on a beach doing nothing". From there it's back to Singapore then home.

Firstborn is back and starting third year next week. She's managed to get her old job back with more hours so not so stressed. She is also doing a show on campus radio with a pal, so of course Mummy is glowing with pride, and especially as she plays very cool music. So, Wednesdays from 1 to 3pm you can stream it here. She now wants a set of decks. Wonder where she got that from?

Secondborn is doing well in Melbourne. She has a good job with a talent recruitment agency that manages three brands. Even though she does find it dull at times she says she will stay with it for a couple of years as she realises the value of having good solid work periods on her cv. She's moved into  a new flat with a friend and is gradually setting it up. So funny to see her facebook status about being excited to finally have a washing machine. It really has been the best move for her, and is pleasing to see and hear the change and maturing of her attitude and how she lives her life.

I ran the Round the Bays last week and did my best time ever, 42.20. I was in the top 90% for my age group, and as I was wearing a timing tag for another who was unable to run I also came in the top 75% for the 30 to 39 age group. The dog did a good time too.

So there you have it, a wee update. As you can see I am enjoying the empty nest life and look forward to the change, opportunities and adventures that this time of my life has to offer.
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