Monday, November 28, 2011

Status Update

We're approaching the time of year when people tend to look back and reflect on the year that has been. I was having this conversation with the other half of Rockstar Productions last week, as like myself her life has changed massively in the last year. She calls it her year of detoxifying her life. Mine has been more a year of personal life change and jumping out of boxes.

Since August I have been living the empty nest life. I don't know why some people see this stage of the parenting cycle negatively, as I think it's wonderful and totally embrace the freedoms I now have. The child is doing well in Oz, and her making that move is what she needed to get her life started. She was stagnating here, now she has taken responsibility for her life and is working hard to succeed. Firstborn has finished her second year at University and is back in the Bay doing summer work. The only fly in the family ointment is that my Mother has had a couple of health issues this year, and we can no longer ignore the fact that we don't live forever. A sobering thought that was driven home on my visit last weekend.

The empty nest life means I now have a flatmate, so the rent and bill reduction means I also have new found financial freedom. This is where jumping out of boxes comes in. On one level I feel I "should" save all this extra loot, as I have been conditioned to be a good squirrel for later life, however I am fighting that impulse and instead spending on myself, and lots of travel adventures. After my holiday in America earlier this year, and also acknowledging the influence of the person in the next paragraph, I just want to spend the next few years seeing as much of the world as I can cram in, plus having more adventures here at home as well. I can see that skiing is going to feature large next winter. I stopped travelling a few years prior to breeding, so now it's time get the backpack out again. Well actually, will probably have to purchase a new one as the old one really is too cumbersome. Next stop Sydney, followed closely by Singapore, Malaysia and Borneo.

The other huge thing is my life this year is that I have a girlfriend, of the monogamous committed relationship kind. (being lesbians these things must be defined!) This too is major box jump for me, as after the deceit of the woman I dated last summer I had sworn never again. Single and celibate was the motto. After the last long term ended several years ago, as regular readers know, I decided monogamy wasn't working for me so spent three years dating many, committing to none. With the lover from last summer I started to feel that I now wanted more, until the lies and deceit happened. I then totally shut down.

Being in such a shut down state I was totally unaware of the German goddess's interest in me, until she kissed me on the dance floor one certain evening. So slowly, slowly we got to know each other. Again another jumping out of box experience, as I had to face and articulate fears, acknowledge and discuss them, and then finally let myself just take the chance and enjoy the love and warmth that was being given to me. I think of it as the most honest relationship I have had, and we both consciously strive for that. It makes me very happy. I must say though that unlike most lesbians we will NOT be moving in together. We both like our own homes, our together time and our separate time, so no u-haul for us.

One final change this year, besides going blonde, is that I voted. I guess that means I now have to change my profile on here. There has also been the usual running races, putting on events even though I swore never again, and the great car reregistration drama, just to name a few. Life most certainly is vastly different from what it was this time last year.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dinner Date

Firstborn has been staying and we went out to dinner with the Father last night. This was a very significant event as it's the first time we have had a "family" dinner in eleven years. It was a pleasant evening, and firstborn totally enjoyed the fine food, wine and flowing conversation.

We dined at Ambeli, an award winning restaurant where the German goddess and I had dined a few weeks earlier. As the evening unfolded the Father behaved as expected, with his default setting of pretentious prat. When we arrived he was having a wee boys moment with the maitre d', they  were  trying to out cool each other. Once seated the maitre d' then asked if it he could select the wines to match our food choices, to which the Father agreed. In the world of winemakers and sommeliers this is akin to throwing down the gauntlet. At this point I indicated that I wasn't drinking.

We ordered, and once the order was in the maitre d', Shae, as by this time we had heard his whole family history, brought the first round of wines. He did pour me a small taste to match my ordered dish. The meal then continued in this manner. A cheeseboard was brought out at one point, and the Father was poured yet another red wine. Finally the bill was presented.

Unlike the Father I was able to read the bill without resorting to spectacles. The number on it was staggering despite no charge being made for any wine tastes poured for me. As I have recently been ill, as well as not drinking I had only ordered two entrees and a small salad, a total investment of $45. Once the very generous voucher the Father held had been deducted there was still over $160 to pay, to which the Father said "let's just halve it." I started to protest, but realised it would be to no avail so I  sucked it up and duly paid for twice what I had consumed. Firstborn was gobsmacked and sat there rolling her eyes. 

When the Father returned from paying his share he then proceeded to moan that the winery would only cover $70 of what he had paid, obviously his feeding allowance when on the road. The miserable git was moaning because he'd just consumed three courses of food, four glasses of expensive wine, and was having to personally fork out $10 for it! Fortunately the waiter had cleared all glassware and cutlery from the table otherwise I wouldn't have been able to resist.

If a "family" dinner is ever to occur again you can guarantee that I will be firmly setting the parameters before even a sip of water is taken.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tick Done

To those that didn't attend, and you know who I'm talking about Ms Crazy Housewife and Ms life without ben, you missed a great night.

More regular transmission may resume shortly as I get around to finishing some of the drafts that are yelling at me.
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