Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dinner Date

Firstborn has been staying and we went out to dinner with the Father last night. This was a very significant event as it's the first time we have had a "family" dinner in eleven years. It was a pleasant evening, and firstborn totally enjoyed the fine food, wine and flowing conversation.

We dined at Ambeli, an award winning restaurant where the German goddess and I had dined a few weeks earlier. As the evening unfolded the Father behaved as expected, with his default setting of pretentious prat. When we arrived he was having a wee boys moment with the maitre d', they  were  trying to out cool each other. Once seated the maitre d' then asked if it he could select the wines to match our food choices, to which the Father agreed. In the world of winemakers and sommeliers this is akin to throwing down the gauntlet. At this point I indicated that I wasn't drinking.

We ordered, and once the order was in the maitre d', Shae, as by this time we had heard his whole family history, brought the first round of wines. He did pour me a small taste to match my ordered dish. The meal then continued in this manner. A cheeseboard was brought out at one point, and the Father was poured yet another red wine. Finally the bill was presented.

Unlike the Father I was able to read the bill without resorting to spectacles. The number on it was staggering despite no charge being made for any wine tastes poured for me. As I have recently been ill, as well as not drinking I had only ordered two entrees and a small salad, a total investment of $45. Once the very generous voucher the Father held had been deducted there was still over $160 to pay, to which the Father said "let's just halve it." I started to protest, but realised it would be to no avail so I  sucked it up and duly paid for twice what I had consumed. Firstborn was gobsmacked and sat there rolling her eyes. 

When the Father returned from paying his share he then proceeded to moan that the winery would only cover $70 of what he had paid, obviously his feeding allowance when on the road. The miserable git was moaning because he'd just consumed three courses of food, four glasses of expensive wine, and was having to personally fork out $10 for it! Fortunately the waiter had cleared all glassware and cutlery from the table otherwise I wouldn't have been able to resist.

If a "family" dinner is ever to occur again you can guarantee that I will be firmly setting the parameters before even a sip of water is taken.


Jody said...

oooh when did "sperm donor" become "the father" and wtf with the bill?

unPC lesbian said...

As it was a "family" dinner, therefore family names apply ie: the Sister, the Mother etc etc.

Re the bill, as said, he behaved in usual form!

Going to Ortega on Friday for the first time....nom nom

The Courtesan said...

I've been to Ambeli's (with my friend Betty)-ab amazing! And just a short walk from my place, so no worries about drinking and driving :). Your sperm donor is a dick... Oh,wait, he REALLY is. I wouldn't pay a bloody cent-after all that "out-cool" each other shit in the beginning, what would he have done-call the police??

Cactus Kate said...

Just read this now.
Oh my god.
Thank God he's rid
Have you washed his dumb arse tight wad fucking idiot genes from the progeny?

unPC lesbian said...

Progeny have learned how to live day to day on smell of oily rag (aka single parent method) thus freeing up any spare loot for enjoying and sharing pleasures.

Funny how the parent that has taken children on oversea's holiday etc is the one with the least income!

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