Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Did, but then I Didn't!

I did think of something to blog about this morning, but as the day turned into one of those  where one sweated ones makeup off before 8.30am due to too much multi tasking, my scintillating blog idea appears to have vanished. I also think the fact that I have said the words 'meta data' about 67359482 times today may be a contributing factor as well.

I did however eagerly await to see if the fruit was delivered on time this morning. It appears having the fruit arrive on time has become an issue this year. Yesterdays excuse was my favourite which was, "the driver broke the truck because he forgot to put petrol in it". I guess that wasn't listed as a key competancy on his job description then. Todays was somewhat dull, "You do know we have moved locations this year". As you can imagine I almost exploded from resisting the urge to yell loudly, "did you not think it a good idea to leave earlier then?"

So really all I can think to waffle on about is one of those deep philosophical conundrums which is; why is it when you are poor the shops have masses and masses of clothes and shoes that are screaming at you to purchase them, yet when one has some loot to fritter there is nothing around that appeals?


Chris said...

Heh. Try being one size too big for everything... and previously married to a kiwi chinese chick who was a size too small for anything.

(187cm tall -- most shirts stop halfway up arms).

The real reason is, of course, is that the CorpWife (TM) bought anything good on Hubbie's Platinum Card :-).

unPC lesbian said...

I have a similar problem...sort of. I did get new jeans and the sales assistant tried to convince me to get a size smaller. Yes they would have been tighter and possibly hotter looking, but I really didn't fancy the idea of my ankle bones showing.

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