Monday, August 4, 2008

Attack of the X-Men Girls Part 1

I had a very very interesting Saturday night and along the way ran into two women who were wearing X-Men outfits, though only one was intentional, I now think of them as Nazi and Nasty. Here is the story of Nazi, Nasty may have to wait till tomorrow.

I had been invited by a friend to attend a stag party with her on Saturday night, as said below it was being held for a couple who are getting civilised shortly, and all attendees were asked to dress in Man drag. I didn't as it was a bit last minute for me so wasn't prepared, but it turned out I was the only one not dressed up. Oh well, I coped, had worn the current rock chick faves and tried to channel Chrissie Hynde, but without the hair of course. I tried to convince my companion to take an axe with her to complete her outfit, in hindsight it was a good idea that she didn't.

The evening started off really well and was a lot of fun. I was drinking my bubbles and chatting with all the women there. Several of them had never dressed in drag before and we were discussing how they felt about it. One of them came as Axl Rose, and another of the first timers had a lovely velvety moustache reminiscent of Sonny Bono, her partner had an intriguing blonde one, very well done.

I carried on drinking my bubbles and chatting then the music went up loud and we started dancing, well some of us. At one point I had been out on the deck with the cigarette smokers and was introduced to a woman in an X-Men costume, usual social chit chat, then back inside to drink and dance.

Suddenly X-Men girl was inside and summoned me off the dance floor with Sonny Bono and we were taken to another room, hmmm, interesting I thought, what's going on here?

Censorship it turned out. The X-Men girl then proceeded to point out that they were a close supportive group, that none of them knew me (whimper, I'd talked with every woman in the room so they knew me slightly) and that they'd heard I blogged and I wasn't to write anything about them, and on and on. Sonny Bono just sat in the corner looking uncomfortable. I then ascertained that X-Men girl had never read the blog, had no idea what it was called, and really didn't even know my name. I then decided that she was drunker than I, and her braincells were more rearranged than even I achieve, and just made calming comments to end the moment. I gave her my card and told her to contact me and I would send the blog link so she could see how inoffensive and harmless I am, all the while muttering you fukkin brainless Nazi. I was then allowed to go back to the party.

Axl Rose very astutely got wind that something was up so got me back dancing, and I resurrected my party spirit, finished my bubbles and carried on chatting. After a while Sonny Bono came up to apologise for what had gone down. I made light of it as I saw that she had been very uncomfortable with it. While we were talking another woman, whom I'd chatted with quite a bit earlier on as we had been discussing the hand knitted tie that she was wearing, got in on the conversation. She then started on the "we don't know you" line again, and then banged on about me asking them how they felt about dressing up, and hullooo, here I am being dragged off to the other room again.

So her beef was that I was asking them questions. My initial thought was "it's called conversation darling", that's what people do at parties, talk with each other, tell stories, exchange gossip. Or, in the case of myself where I knew no one, make the effort to talk with everyone in the room, networking, working the room, whatever you want to call it. It's called a "social skill", you can go to classes and learn all about it. People love talking about themselves, and when you are making conversation with strangers ask them a question about them-self and suddenly you have a conversation going. I however kept all this inside and again made all the calming statements handed out my card and said email me and I'll send you the links.

So back out to the party again feeling rather stunned and shell shocked, trying to understand how I got from being a happy drunk party goer who had been talking with every woman in the room and keeping the dancing going, to a confused victim of censorship from people who have NOT EVEN READ one word that I have written.

My escort had had enough the appalling rudeness of these women and decided it was time to leave and take me on to the second stage of my night out. I didn't disagree, though I do wonder why their Mothers didn't teach them better social manners. I do so hope that they contact me, so I can invite them my party and show them the proper way to treat guests whether you know them or not.

I then went up to K Road to meet with other friends and move on to the clubby section of the night out. This is where I meet X-Men girl #2, aka Nasty, but that is a story for another day. I do have the words of a Buffalo Springfield tune in my head which I'll leave you with.

Paranoia strikes deep
into your soul it will creep
starts when you're always afraid
step out of line the man comes and takes you away......


Cactus Kate said...

Whose that lovely couple in the picture in the background?


unPC lesbian said...

Thats why I had to use this pic....I thought it was a lovely addition.

I also didn't realise that I was SOOO famous that the ahem "prominant" media couple were worried at what I might write.

Cactus Kate said...

And my word you are looking lithe. Apart from all the exercise and that you are now on the hunt for a "better than before" half, what's your secret?

unPC lesbian said...

Same as yours Darrrrhlink, lashings of bubbles!!!

Reality, I'm just channeling Madonna, she spends the money on face and body work, I reap the benefits.

Also don't think I am on the hunt for a replacement.....well for more than 24 hours that is....I quite like the single existance

thetruth said...

You and your friend should know better that unless you are invited by the person who is having their birthday/ engagement party/ wedding... you do NOT attend. People often just want their close friends at these parties!
It drives me crazy when people randomly turn up to these events... do NOT expect to be welcomed! I don't know you or the people you write about but it is obvious you were not invited by them and it is a lesson for you to learn.

thetruth said...

I guess my comment won't be approved. I think it is often easier to see things from only your point of view and therefore be a victim. You learn from everything though. No pain, no gain!

unPC lesbian said...

Well the "truth", my date was invited to the party, and I as her your little comment holds no validity other than your own personal agenda.

And may I say, when the entire engagement and subsequent "wedding" was a total sham, over before it began, and achieved nothing other than pissing of close friends who had invested much energy in to it....kind vof puts it all into perspective really!

thetruth said...

Yes, I do have a personal agenda and that is to point out how pathetic people are when they are whining.

The problem with lesbians is that they get too involved in other lesbians' lives and relationships.
In my opinion if a relationship or marriage ends that is a sad thing but calling it a sham is noone's right. I believe the only 2 people who know what really goes on in a relationship are the 2 people that are in it.

"Pissing off close friends"? I'm sorry but to me close friends mean support and understanding, NOT getting pissed off if someone else's relationship doesn't work out. And why invest so much energy into others' lives anyway? Bother with your own!

P.S.: I guess if someone has friends in the media that makes them feel important. So, that would explain the 'pissed off' state. Oh and yes, we ALL like to feel important!

unPC lesbian said...

Oh for fuks sake,. this is a blog, my blog and I can write, moan and whinge as much as I like on it because it's MINE. If you don't like it just fuk off and don't read it. Easy!!

Also, when 2 media people get "married" just for the payment from a trash magazine for their story, yet let all their friends believe it's a real wedding and treat it as such, the words farce and sham of course spring to mind.

Maybe if you knew the 'truth' then you'd realise how foolish your comments have been.

David said...

I want to have X-Men Costume and Ive been to several halloween stores and craft shops, and no one had any idea what I was looking for..

unPC lesbian said...

David, sadly I mut confess that as i don't really watch mainstream movies I of course have got things mixed up. It turns out the costume was from The Matrix movie...oops!

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