Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Attack of the X-Men Girls Part 2

So after all the lesbian storm in a teacup of the first part of the evening I then went to K Road to catch up with some other friends and dance a bit. I arrived at the Flirt event but my friends weren't there, so had a wee drink at the bar and waited. I then figured they may be over the road at Family so wandered off to have a look there. It was fairly quiet, but as it was barely midnight to be expected.

Back over to Flirt. When I got there a woman came up and asked if she could introduce me to her friend who had apparently been eyeing me up earlier. She pointed out her friend, and I then very politely asked if she could instead introduce me to the piece of jailbait standing at the bar. She saw the joke, was in the social networking mood and did so. While I waited for my friends I chatted with this group of women, they knew the art of social networking. Then a tune I like very much came on so I had a wee dance, and while doing so I noticed another woman wearing an X-Men long coat trying to dance very close to me. She was wearing the coat not as a costume but as her "going out" outfit. When the song finished and I sidled off to get my drink she suddenly appeared in my face and I found myself being pushed into a corner with her desperately trying to make a move on me. She was nasty, I grabbed my drink and ran out of the club.

The lovely doorman kindly looked after my drink while I went over to Family again, of course all the while forgetting that a new Gay bar has just opened up under the Flirt venue. Had a wee dance with some boys then went for one last look at Flirt. My friends had arrived, they had been in the new bar downstairs the whole time, but shock, horror, who was talking to them.....Nasty X-Men girl.

I cautiously approached to let them know I was there, and tried to have a conversation and catch up with them, but Nasty kept getting in the way. Eventually I had had enough of my space being invaded and went to Family for the rest of the night, knowing that the others would eventually follow.

I then proceeded to party with the boys, and will only give you a short summary which includes being pulled up on to the stage by a strong hot sweaty half naked muscly Polynesian boy and being "forced" to dirty dance, being randomly snogged by some cute young gay boy, (and here's me thinking "hello" was the proper introduction), then when Nasty appeared retreating to a front area table with my new best friends (a designer boy couple) for protection and keeping them amused with my witty incisive commentary on the shaggability of all who passed by, of all genders.

Sometime between 3 and 4 I crawled home. As it was my swansong and probably my last time out on the Auckland gay scene I think I did pretty well!!!

However the next afternoon when I was having a post mortem with Oldest and Dearest I suddenly had a Jacqui Brown moment.......think dream bubbles floating in the air and in them are the images of me the night before, how I saw myself at the time, a hot sexy dirty dancing mama, then juxtapose against that what the image was probably like, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. I am now living in fear that pictures were taken and am madly checking a certain website to ensure there is no evidence for public consumption.

I also did manage to get out to Te Henga on Sunday afternoon and us girls sat indoors in the lovely sunshine drinking special coffees with one eye on the surf and the other on the Living channel, while the Gentle giant mowed the lawns, played with his power tools and did other boy stuff, before driving us home and organising dinner.

Sadly now I have had to return to the real world.


Anonymous said...

It's a hard life being gorgeous in the big city.

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