Monday, August 11, 2008

Open Letter to Les Mills

Dear Les Mills,

Now I know you'll be reading this because you usually log on about an hour after I blog with your name, such efficient little tracking robots you have. Well I just wanted to say that I'm IN LOVE with your Extreme property in Wellington.

I managed a visit on Saturday and started in the Cardio theatre, total bliss. I guess I am truly getting in touch with my inner rock chick, though I did find I had to resist the urge to keep changing speed so I could stay in beat with the music as it turns out not too many tunes have a beat of 10k per hour. All you number crunchers out there, go on, give me the equation to turn km per hour into BPM. I don't understand though why the cardio theatre is predominantly empty, then when you go out to the main floor all the cardio machines there are in full use, with nothing interesting to watch.

After my run I went and did a pump class. The instructor was a lovely boy who kindly spoke with all of us novices before starting. I was pleased to see I hadn't forgotten how it all worked, just forgotten what weights to use, and totally blanked from my mind the dreaded squats and lungey things. Owwww........I don't usually do weights for my quads as they are large enough already, so I am still suffering today. The lovely instructor boy also touched base afterwards which was a nice touch.

I tried to go again on Sunday, but after wasting 20 minutes trying to find a park I gave up and went to my gym and put all the tv's on VERY loud with C4 and made my own cardio theatre.

So now my darling Les Mills reader I want to figure out how I can get you to give me weekend access to the Extreme property. I can't come mid week as it just doesn't work, but weekend access would be lovely. I have also realised that my next two weekends are very full so I may not be able to get there again before my free months pass runs out.

Oooh now here's a thought, wouldn't it be lovely to have access to 2 gyms, the every day one for mid week visits, and then one for best that I only use on weekends. Most girl readers will understand this concept, a bit like your going out knickers. So please darling reader can you figure out a way to make that happen.

I would even stoop to grovelling, and forgo my altruistic principals and put up an advertising widget thingy if it meant you would let me in.

I eagerly await your response.


PS: Little Drummer Boy, do you think if I posted "THAT" picture it would help my cause?


little drummer boy said...

Well young lady, "that" picture may not help with Le Mes, but I'm sure will be most popular with many of your readers!!.

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