Sunday, August 24, 2008

fuk Fuk FUK # 2

Recently after months of dithering I had the mid cone in my right hand speaker fixed, though I had got quite used to the sculptural aspect of it sitting naked on top of the speaker. This involved screwdrivers, soldering irons, couriers and credit cards. I needed to ensure it was done before the up coming party of the half century, and apparently there was no one in Wellington who could fix it.

In an effort to recover from some aspects of this current weekend I felt the need to play some fave tunes very VERY loud to relax and ponder with, but now I find that BOTH mid cones in the left speaker have spat the dummy. fuk, Fuk, FUK.

I wonder if I could somehow convert the child's hair straightener into a soldering iron thus saving a day in the whole fixing process. I am going to have to speak very nicely to the Mr Speaker Repair man in Auckland tomorrow to get it sorted in less than 10 working days.

( the upside is that I get to play with the soldering iron again, possibly not to be encouraged)


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