Thursday, August 28, 2008


I had a little meltdown when I arrived at work yesterday morning as the upright piano had not been moved, as was clearly stated on the run sheet. I used the F word and many negative comments about peoples ability to follow clear instructions. The piano was now trapped, and part of the set up in the room it was in would need to be dismantled in order to move the piano to where it was meant to be.

However, silver lining and all that, I had quite a chuckle later on when the crew went to correct their error. It took 5 boys to move the piano, now this is a piano that I can move with the help of only one other.

I'm still debating whether to mention the words "wheel locks" to them.


nzm said...

Fact: Brawn and Brains come in separate bodies.

otter said...

I SO love that you didn't tip them off to the wheel locks!

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