Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Desktop

As said I am finally taking Jillian off my desktop and replacing it with this little beauty which came from Dorothy Surrenders, she seems to get her hands on some very good images. This is the second time Ms Lennox has graced my screen, the last time she was in a suit (funny that) with red hair.

As you can see the muscle picture is still up, I'll leave it there for another day because it makes me laugh, and also because someone (or someones) at Les Mills has felt the need to look at it many many times.......does that mean you're making me a special deal so I can come play at your property on the weekends?


Bryan Spondre said...

So is Annie Lennox a dyke or a just a dyke-icon ? She is certainly very hot in this photograph.

unPC lesbian said...

total gay icon and DEEPLY deeply closet....think about it, 2 failed marriages and now subMerses herself in "good works".....need I say any more

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