Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cable Drama

Last night when I went to watch my illegally downloaded version of Julie & Julia (thank you boi) the dvd player reception on the screen was bad and it made a nasty noise. I then had to go into work mode to identify the problem. Fortunately I only had one beer on board so after the obligatory whimper I set about finding out if it was cable or hardware. Turned out it was cable. I know I could have played the movie through the laptop to the screen, but I was resisiting that option as:
  • I couldn't find my newly acquired vga cable as I appear to have tidied it up to a very safe place
  • I would then have a sound issue which would irritate the fuk out of me, as I would only have surround and not centre sound from the screen.
I knew I had a scart cable stashed away and as I was hunting that I came across an ordinary three plug sound/video cable that I had forgotten about. I patched that in and away we went.

This cable shall henceforth be known as one Motherfukker of a cable. I don't fear this one dying on me in the near future.

(and yes I am still waiting for the cleaning fairy to turn up)

The movie was great as well, worth the dither and drama.


Phil said...

Yeah - have also resorted to similar low tech approach with good result.
Loved J&J too!

unPC lesbian said...

Nothing low tech about the quality of the cable. If memory serves me correctly I think that piece of cabling is more expensive than the actual player!!! Can't remember what density or conductivity the core is, but the plugs are gold plated!

Silly me using the crap cable and forgetting I had this beauty squirreled away.

Is it sad that I am so excited over a piece of cabling?

Phil said...

Yes you can be excited over cabling. I once invested in Monster Cable for my hi fi speakers - at some obscene $$$ amount per metre, but then discovered the crappy two strand stereo cable sounded exactly the same.

unPC lesbian said...

I know, but Monster cable looks HOT. [runs to pull hers out and pat lovingly]

That piece of gold plated loveliness was actually a sweetener from the retailer I purchased my last sound system from...I think he was hoping I would succumb and purchase speakers as well...silly man, as if I would reject my trusty Wharfedales.

Phil said...

Mmmmmmmm Wharfedales ... gaaaaaahhh

unPC lesbian said...

Very old Wharfedales but loving ly looked after, see here

and here

The amp however...I reallyh must get the remote receiver fixed on that one day!!

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