Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Dawn Fades

Well dawn of a new age really, but I just couldn't resist an obscure musical reference to the tune I'm currently listening to.

A change of speed/ a change of style/ a change of scene/ with no regrets.....

However what I am attempting to say is that I am now blogging from my bed, yes I am finally wireless! Yay for me.

I'd been pondering getting a new modem and saw one on the Telecom site that was multi port adsl plus wireless. It didn't show a price on the site so I rang Telecom, confused the robot as it didn't seem to understand the word modem, and got put through to a real person. I also lucked in as it was a helpful boy with English as a first language. He told me he could give me one for free if I re signed for two years. I had a little tanty and said I thought 24 months was a bit harsh, so we came to a compromise, and voila I am now wireless. I have retained the ability to disconnect the child at will, so all is good.

On another geeky note, number 1 daughter came back from Uni holidays bearing a 500 GB  external drive, on to which she had had downloaded 50 GB of music, the sperm donors entire music collection. I have been chortling and transferring madly. Of course I now need to go purchase and external drive myself to copy the rest of the music over, but it will have to wait as a particular handbag is demanding all my attention at the moment.

Must get out of bed, body needs caffeine.


Rob said...

Isn't it nice to play God with the internet when a child doesn't want to do their chores. I find that it is the only thing that works next to locking the cell phone down.

Came across your blog at random and now I'm hooked although I am a straight male =)

unPC lesbian said...

Yay, some one else who understands the power of a 1 metre piece of adsl cable!!

I gave up trying to wrestle the cell phone from her a long time ago as I fear skin would rip from her hand if I extracted it. Also she braks them so often that she regularly has to go without. She also managed to use up this months 2k text in 14 days!!

Search the blog on "child abuse" you may find a few more helpful hints.

Yay to regular readers, must write more.

Rob said...

Yep I do. However, I just unplug the wireless modem from the cable modem and the house gets really clean in less than 3 hours...LOL. WOW 2k in 14 days! I don't know what kind of plans they have in New Zealand (and I assume that you are there as you stated in past posts about Wellington). As I am in The States, I prefer them to text as it's cheaper. I also have the ability to lock their phones and I do. When the do not make the grades or do chores, I lock it down and they can only call me or the people in their account. I do not totally block all phones numbers as they may need to get a hold of someone.

Yes I have poured through your past post. And I agree with you about The one and the last post. Wow she seems like a piece of work! I could tell you stories about my exs that would blow your mind. PLEASE more posts!

unPC lesbian said...

You can lock their phones without having to physically get the phone off them??? If thats the case I'm loving that idea.

Text here works predominantly on per month packages. One of the major providers did briefly a few years back have all you can eat text, but very quickly withdrew it. Any unlimited text plans have the catch all phrase "within in reasonable limits" in them.

Phil said...

Any lesbian who is prepared to share her fabulous cleavage is OK with me.

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